Bill Cosby’s Sex Scandal: Wife Camille reportedly abandons hubby, divorce near

Bill Cosby in danger of losing his wife/TMZ.

Cosby’s wife livid, divorce looming?

Blog King, Mass Appeal

PHILADELPHIA — Mo’ Cosby Blues? Blog King just learned Bill Cosby’s mortified wife Camille has grown sick and tired of arguing with her convicted husband and, as a byproduct, she’s kicking him to the curb. That’s right dawg! After 54 years of holy matrimony, the once inseparable pair are headed towards divorce. Bill was charged and found guilty of sexually assaulting Andrea Constand. According to a close source, Camille has vacated their Pennsylvania mansion despite Bill blowing up her phone — begging her to come back.

Keep in mind… the 80-year-old comic, per court mandate, must remain at home in solitary confinement. Bill is also donning an ankle bracelet, so he ain’t going nowhere. Camille, 74, has already relocated to the couple’s second home in Massachusetts and, get this: she took everything with her — including their personal chef, manager, housekeepers, limo drivers and their 3 grown kids.

In other words, Camille left her husband assed out.

“He literally is home alone,” said the source.

“She even took the staff with her.”

The old adage goes: “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorn.”

Bill is learning that painful lesson the hard way.

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  1. Charlotte Herring

    Hard to believe this story is true. This woman had to know what he has been doing for years and just chose to stay. If she is divorcing him…it will be to obtain assets in her name so harder for his victims to make a monetary claim. If this is true…it is just a ‘tactical move” to protect the money that their lawyers have advised them to do.

  2. I thought she thought he was innocent? yeah right, get as much as you can before he liquidates everything to pay his legal bills honey! You are a embarrassement to women defending that old troll!

  3. Regardless of the outcome his children should read the Bible and get understanding that was between Mom and Dad whatever it may be the Bible says honor your father and your mother that your days even if you live to be a hundred years old will be longer to you and let God handle it all men have made mistakes David Solomon Isaiah the Bible said if you look at a woman in lust you already sent anything you want and you lost it for it you send honor your promise because he lost a daughter and your mother lost it and it says in the scriptures is bad to fall in the hands of an Angry God because when it’s all said and done it’s in God’s hands

  4. If Their getting divorced is because of up coming lawsuits and their assets..

  5. you know I feel like if those women waited that long to tell he was with them, they should be put in jail for being a part of it and not telling when it happen. men just get the worst of when a woman has or done being with them and then leave them alone, they lie and get away with it. that’s wrong , but their day is coming back to them


  7. Kriss Kross 18

    bill fucked around with some ugly ass bitches back in the day

  8. Ive been saying for the longest i hope they divorce on paper ONLY and he gives her EVERYTHING!

  9. Robert Sharkey

    It’s a strategy 2 to keep his money don’t panic

  10. First of all, if it is true… This is nothing but a financial move to shield Bill’s assets from these whores. When these accusers lawyer up and start suing Bill’s estate, they will have less to sue for if Camille rushes to take the majority of the couple’s assets in a divorce proceeding. If it is true, smart move on Camille behalf. But Camille needs to hurry up and do it.

  11. cosby let a bunch of hoes fuck with his money

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