Blog King’s Review: “Incredibles 2” is an animated masterpiece, worth the wait

Incredibles 2 all that and a bag of chips/Disney.

Incredibles 2 is addictive & fun

Blog King, Mass Appeal

HOLLYWOOD — As anticipated, Disney-Pixar’s “Incredibles 2” is simply incredible and you’d be doing your child(ren) an inexcusable disservice by missing out. Written and directed by Brad Bird, “Incredibles 2” picks up where the first film left off roughly 14 years ago. After his family circumvents a giant power drill, Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) is tasked with babysitting his infant son Jack-Jack (Eli Fucile) while his wife Elastigirl (Holly Hunter) is out saving the world from a computer-hacking hypnotist.

Keep in mind, it’s Mr. Incredible’s first time being left alone with Jack-Jack and his other two kids — Violet (Sarah Vowell) and Dash (Huck Milner) — don’t offer much in the form of assistance. That’s because Violet is infatuated with a boy at school and Dash is overwhelmed with homework.

The aforementioned paucity of manpower is noteworthy because Jack-Jack raises hell the entire movie and he won’t take a nap. As a corollary, Mr. Incredible suffers from sleep deprivation which explains why there’s laundry and dirty dishes everywhere.

His best friend — Frozone (Samuel L. Jackson) — tried to lend a helping hand, but he ultimately flamed out. Jack-Jack, who possesses a myriad of superhero powers of his own, is nothing short of recalcitrant.

That said, Jack-Jack is by far the most entertaining character and that’s saying something.

Again, this animated classic is a must-see.

After a 14-year hiatus, it’s definitely worth the wait.

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  1. Disney should just make this kinda movies and stay out of MCU! you’re spoiling everything!

  2. Jack Jack Have All Power

  3. the movie was simply INCREDIBLE!!!! there’s so much content in it. you need to absorb it all in. fun filled, action packed, humorous and with a touch of romance, you’ll be holding onto your seats for the entire viewing! enjoy the movie guys!!!

  4. stevie thequickscoper

    14 years i’v waited.I remember watching the first movie in the cinema with my mom i was 4 then.Jeez how time goes by..

  5. WorthlessDeadEnd

    Mr. Incredible became Mr. Mom.

  6. Vincent Alhambra

    This movie is actually INCREDIBLE omg. I am quaking.

  7. The movie was better than the first one.

  8. Ashley Martinez

    For all you who haven’t watched this movie it’s the best one I’ve seen all year!!! I really recommend it!!!!

  9. Aamyria Lattimore

    This movie was soooo good!

  10. That’s Crazy bro i can understand 5 or 6 years but 14 years of waiting that’s just crazy bro

  11. Luisa Navarette

    The “Incredibles” was first release in 2004, 14 years later jack jack is still a baby😂😂😂

  12. This movie was so awesome it gave me chills..jack jack was savage…its been 14 years now 32 with kids and i literally want to see this movie multiple times without them 👿👿

  13. Just saw it and it was legit pretty fun to sit through. They didn’t try and go above and beyond they stayed at a steady pace and the entire movie turned out great and for a movie that comes after an installment released 14 years ago , it was pretty funny

  14. This movie did not feel right it was a lot of hiding devil messages about parallel universes and hypothesis almost like the movie Get Out but a children’s version beware what you entertain your children with as we enter the dark ages

  15. Just watched the movie and it was totally worth the wait!!!

  16. Incredibles 2 shattering records like Usain Bolt & Michael Phelps. Perfect timing for Disney to making a sequel considering how well superhero movies are doing.

  17. frozone and crush were the only blacks in the movie but it was still cool

  18. Jeida Laurienne

    If it’s a choice between this and yet another Marvel movie I’d choose this any day XD.

  19. Aravindhan S.R

    Incredibles 3 please

  20. Crazy animation👍😎

  21. Matthew Rollins

    If the Incredibles were in infinity war, I wonder how many would have disintegrated

  22. Goomulf Zeskaplan

    It’s about time they finally came up with a sequel for this movie

  23. I watched the movie and it was
    INCREDIBLE! ok no pun intended

  24. Frozone’s wife needs her own movie 😂

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