In America, Mama gets all the love – Daddy typically gets nothing and it’s sad

Disciplinary dads like James Evans have been extirpated/CBS.

Real fathers are growing extinct.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

OVERLAND PARK — “I’ll be your Father Figure. I’ve had enough of crime. I’ll be the one who loves you. ‘Til the end of time.” What’s up peeps? It’s that renowned critic Blog King here to wish our daddies a very ‘Happy Father’s Day’ which brings us to this poignant exegesis: Father’s Day pales in comparison to Mother’s Day and it’s an American ignominy to say the least. Don’t get it twisted, good mothers deserve any accolades they garner. But, as a nation, we’ve grown somewhat accustomed to showering mom with gratuitous shoutouts on television without publicly acknowledging we even have a father. Hell, one could argue the paramount rationale behind society going to hell in a handbasket is because we’ve trivialized the patriarchal significance of fatherhood.

As a corollary, too many men are pusillanimous. Too many are ineffectual crybabies. Too many are sissies.

Disciplinary TV dads in the orthodox matrix of James Evans and Ward Cleaver have been commercially extirpated.

Masculinity and all things macho are practically nonexistent. Yet, more than 60 percent of U.S. women wonder why they’re still single. So, to the handful of beer-guzzling, child-supporting dads out there who belch, scratch and fondle themselves on the couch, Blog King salutes you on your special day. Just remain cognizant of the fact you’re an 80s dinosaur in danger of 2K extinction.

Sad, but true.

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  1. if there were more fathers like James Evans in this world the violence among our young boys would be at a very low level

  2. The best TV dad ever

  3. throughthefire

    Imagine if more households had a James Evans type father. James didn’t play, and could give a serious side eye!

  4. James Evans is my favorite television father. We need more James Evans in this world. I was hurt when they killed off his character something was missing ever since that.

  5. black daddies became instinct when they started giving black women welfare in the 60s.

  6. more black families need a James Evan’s Sr, especially in this day and age

  7. James made good times

  8. American dads are always underappreciated… this is a feminist country

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