Jilted lover puts a ‘machete’ to boyfriend’s throat, forcing him to have sex or die

Samantha Ray Mears uses machete to force ex to have sex.

Deranged damsel forces intercourse.

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GREAT FALLS — Every now and then you stumble across a story that makes you say “Dayuuuummm!” Law enforcement officials have arrested 19-year-old Samantha Ray Mears for, get this: she forced her ex-boyfriend to have sex by putting a knife to his throat. She’s now being charged with aggravated burglary, assault with a weapon, and several misdemeanors. The amorous (albeit treacherous) affair went down in Great Falls, Montana last Friday. Samantha reportedly infiltrated her ex-boyfriend’s house while he was away.

When the victim finally returned home, Samantha seized him from behind, pulled out a machete, then told him to get in bed. He then proceeded to knock boots while Samantha held the blade within close proximity. After they had sex, Samantha bit the victim on the arm before urinating on his mattress.

Police said Samantha “seemed to be suffering from some sort of mental illness.”

So far, no rape charge has been filed.

Samantha remains behind bars pending a psychiatric valuation.

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  1. Marble & Marble

    man i wish he had killed her

  2. This is horrible, dude. She should do some serious time for this disturbing act of sexual violence.

  3. shouldnt this bitch be charged with rape????????????

  4. Chris Livingsten

    The girl looks cute, but you can learn to find some women repulsive after getting to know them all too well, no matter how hot they are. Crazy and abusive is not attractive. I’m sure this guy only popped a boner to keep her from cutting his jugular.

  5. She is a rapist.

    Fairly straight-forward. If she was a man, there would be other men gunning for her, hoping that she might walk down the wrong street at the wrong time of day or night.



    Because Equality …… Right ?

  7. Rafael Mauricio

    I believe “RAPED” is the term for what she did. Men can be raped too.

  8. What would happen if you reversed the genders:

    – The man would be hunted and lambasted on social media,
    – Feminists would tout this as an example how men are monsters,
    – No one would ever try to defend the man publicly as being insane,
    – No one would avoid the word “rape”,
    – This would be everywhere in the news,
    – There would be probably something retarded like “ban machetes”,
    – This case would be used in most arguments in the near future,
    – The charges would be probably highest possible and right on point

  9. It’s not called or charged as rape so the stats can continue to be skewed against males

  10. They would have been calling a man a monster for this and they would be howling for blood , for what was a terrible rape RAPE RAPE.

    They probably would have charged the man with kidnapping deprivation of liberty and anything else they could to chuck him as many years as possible.

  11. I struggle to see how she thought he was going to get hard for her in bed while he had a blade against his throat the entire time. That must have been the least unenjoyable sex ever for both of them

  12. The refusal to call this what it is, is absolutely disgusting. And it happens far, far more frequently than anyone wants to admit.

    If the genders had been inverted, women would be rioting in the streets at the injustice of a man raping a woman and not being charged for it.

    Yet every time a man gets raped by a woman, it’s not commented on. The involuntary or forced erection is considered to make the man a willing participant, never mind that life and limb are threatened should he be uncooperative. Never mind that if a woman is made to have sex through drugging or coercion it is undeniably rape.

    This woman needs to be charged with RAPE and be fitted for an orange jumpsuit. An example needs to be made, a precedent set to prove that men and women are treated as equals in the eyes of the law. Unfortunately, I don’t think that will happen.

  13. drunken master

    burglary and assault????

    this is rape u assholes!!!!

  14. Poetic Abomination

    If a man does it, it’s called “rape”. If a woman does it, it’s called “forcing someone to have sex.”

    I guess men really are second class citizens.

  15. Obviously you are all men or women eager to join the city of Gilead. I think we should let the police do their job and make the decisions where classification of rape is concerned. I find it very suspect that not a single news outlet has released the victims age here but most have reported that she had been dating him for 7 years. Do the math: that makes her 12 years old. Unless he is the same age as her I’m thinking that there is a LOT more to this story than the media is releasing. Let the police make the decisions with regards to judgements like rape here. I don’t disagree that men can be raped and I think it is a horrendous crime when it happens but I’m not willing to make that judgement here until I hear more about the history of the relationship.

  16. Karen, not sure what planet you’re from. But what she did is considered rape on Earth.

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