Deranged gunman murders news team, defamation of character is the reason

Jarrod Warren Ramos murders news team.

Crazed gunman murders crew.

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ANNAPOLIS — Prosecutors are charging 38-year-old Jarrod Warren Ramos with 5 counts of first-degree murder after he waltzed into Maryland’s Capital Gazette newsroom on Thursday and opened fire, killing 4 journalists and a sales assistant. Three more were injured. “He was going down our newsroom, starting from the front and just continually shooting people,” said police reporter Phil Davis. The quintet of employees murdered are Gerald Fischman (age 61), Rob Hiaasen (age 59), John McNamara (age 56), Rebecca Smith (age 34) and Wendi Winters (age 65).

Ramos was apparently livid over something published in the newspaper. He once filed a defamation lawsuit against the company and lost. The five killed wasn’t by accident. Police said Ramos “targeted” his victims. Reminiscent of Rambo, dude was armed with a pump-action shotgun and smoke grenades.

After the dust had cleared, police found Ramos hiding under a desk inside the building.

He was then arrested and booked without further incident.

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  1. For him to go this far, he must had really felt that these people really lied about him and utterly ruined his life to the point where life didn’t matter to him anymore. That or he is just that far gone to begin with, but such conditions are actually very rare.

    The media lies, slanders, and ruin lives

  2. s h a d ø w b a n n e d

    Yeah, this guy’s clearly mentally ill and has an issue with obsessive behavior. Reminds me of Trump.

  3. Funeral needs to be done in front of white house. Bring the bodies to their doorstep.

  4. Traci Robarchek

    This Ramos sounds completely obsessed with this newspaper. Years have passed since he started harassing them. Then stalking. Now shooting. What is wrong with this guys mind? Most people would give up on the first court case.

  5. When the media, exercising their First Amendment duty and rights, is called the greatest threat to our nation by the criminal president of the United States… this surprises anyone?

  6. wow – these dirty lying journalists are milking this
    today (and every day) illegal immigrants kill 48 people with vehicles on US roads
    what about all the innocent people killed?
    journalists are rats

  7. What exactely did this paper publish that would make somebody file a defamation suit ?Thats an incredible difficult legal process and expensive and difficult to win and post treats on an almost routine basis . As far as I can understand the paper refused to go foreword with claims against the killer and if they had continued nobody would have died . That dies not in any way justify this brutal insane killing but the paper did meet with police several times and it needs to be clarified weather they were consistent in reporting treats to police . There are a lot of loose ends and questions here ! So what did this paper write that made this unstable person snap but snap in a calculated and planned way ? Something missing here

  8. see this is the problem I have with the press, you write articles about people and you make them look bad, YOU DESERVE IT. this is just a classic example of how there are no morals left in journalism. all they do is go on a smear campaign against people that they don’t like.

  9. The blood of these murdered people are on the hands of Donald J Trump and the republican party. May you all burn in hell.

  10. Carlotta Vigna

    We have to start taking measures to protect people from these nut jobs. This isn’t about politics anymore, it’s about providing the security necessary to protect all workers from shooters. I understand he stopped to reload…someone should’ve taken him out then. No more prayers and sympathy…security. How about a nice, big German Shepherd with gigantic teeth and an attitude problem? And btw…we don’t have to shoot to kill…shoot them in that ‘special’ place. Take out their ‘junk’. That’ll stop ’em.

  11. Tonithenightowl

    Another shooting… among many. We are famous for it here in America.. what a sad reality.

  12. Magic The Living Cure Johnson

    This is America!

  13. This wouldn’t have happened under Obama’s watch…….. smh

  14. We need to re write our office place shooting procedures. We need a code word and then everyone throw their chairs and rush the shooter all at once. It’s better than waiting helpless to die underneath a desk.

  15. My condolences to the family and friends of the victims 😢🙏🙏🙏

  16. Suspect found hiding under a desk. Truth and courage go hand in hand . . need I say more.

  17. The police was warned about the threats this guy was making. They said there was nothing they could do unless he was BLACK and UNARMED.

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