Ike and Tina Turner’s oldest son commits suicide, biological father now revealed

Tina Turner suffers familial tragedy near holiday/Getty.

Tina Turner’s son committed suicide. 

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LOS ANGELES — In a sad development, Craig Raymond Turner — the eldest son of pop icon Tina Turner — committed suicide via self-inflicted gunshot wound on Tuesday. He was 59. Tina, a Nutbush native turned proud citizen of Switzerland, is in Paris for ‘Fashion Week.’ She has to be devastated. Anyway, police found Craig’s corpse inside his residence in Studio City, California. Keep in mind… Tina gave birth to Craig when she was 18, before she married Ike Turner. Raymond Hill — a saxophonist in Ike’s band — is Craig’s biological father.

That’s not a misprint.

Squeaky clean Tina banged multiple members of the Ike Turner Revue.

Also, rumor has it Tina guzzled intoxicants while using narcotics. Playing the daddy role, Ike adopted Craig shortly after telling Tina “I do.” The married duo then proceeded to dominate music charts from 1960 to 1976. Their union, however, was derailed amid startling allegations of spousal maltreatment.

Word on the street claims Ike’s best hits came against Tina’s cranium. Kid you not. Witnesses said he assaulted her every time the wind blew. The beatings were reportedly so acute, Tina fled the country and hasn’t come back. Ike died in 2007. Conversely, Tina is 78-years-old and still gorgeous.

She has to be the most attractive cougar ever.

Anyway, Craig leaves behind no wife and no children.

Such a sad way to go out.

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  1. Alfreda Calbert

    There was no reason given, just that he killed himself. May he rest in peace. God bless and keep his mom and family and friends.

  2. The story was more so about the mother not the son and why he killed himself we still don’t know

  3. Ok so the reason was????

  4. Shelley Schoenfeld

    TOO YOUNG TO Die, Craig Rest in Peace. I’m so sorry. You must have felt so alone. I am so very sorry, Shelley Anne

  5. He was a sacrifice 😢

  6. What, he never married and had any children of his own? Nobody to live for I guess. Sad. RIP.

  7. So Sad😭

  8. My Condolences to Ms. Tina Turner and the Family. May Comfort you all😢😢😢

  9. U Scared? I'll Say It!

    Suicide? Nope don’t believe 💁🏾‍♀️thaaaat!!!

  10. so sad 🙁

  11. thoughts n prayers to tina and family

  12. Maybe it was a BLOOD sacrifice for Tina

  13. Sherrie Morris

    I’m so sorry for Tina’s loss. It’s hard whenever a mother looses her child. My condolences and prayers for Tina. Rest In Heaven with the Father Craig.

  14. I Had No Idea. Poor Tina Has Lost So Many Of Her Family. I Can’t Imagine How She Feels.

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