Conrad Murray: Daddy Joe forced Michael Jackson to take “hormone injections”

Conrad Murray says Michael Jackson was chemically castrated.

Michael Jackson hormone-injected? 

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LOS ANGELES — In a shocking development, convicted doctor Conrad Murray claims Joe Jackson had his son Michael Jackson chemically castrated at 12-years-old to preserve his high-pitched vocals. “Tee Hee!” Joe, of course, can’t defend himself. He recently passed away at age 89. Conrad’s accusation was disclosed in a video obtained by ‘The Blast.’ According to Conrad, Joe coerced little Michael to undergo a series of hormone injections that rendered him impotent.

In other words… if you’ve ever wondered why Michael wasn’t really into girls or why his voice never deviated, you may have your answer. “The cruelty expressed by Michael that he experienced at the hand of his father…,” said a lamentable Conrad as his voice trailed off.

“The fact that he was chemically castrated to maintain his high-pitched voice is beyond words.”

Conrad, if you recall, served 2 years in prison for helping Michael overdose on propofol in June 2009. He also had his medical licenses suspended. Conrad said Joe was “one of the worst fathers” in history.

He also said he hopes Joe “finds redemption in hell!”

Do you agree with him?

Was Michael forced to sacrifice manhood in order to remain a soprano?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. 1. The claim that Joe chemically castrated Michael, so he can maintain a high pitch voice is a blatant lie. Michael has said he spoke in high tones because his singing coach wanted him to preserve his voice and we’ve heard on plenty of occasions how deep Michael’s voice can get (2000 Watts, etc)

    2. Michael wasn’t killed by Joe, he was killed by Conrad Murray. I find it very hard to believe a cardiologist, who specializes in heart mechanics and functions, doesnt know how to administer CPR. He also waited to call the police and ambulance once he found Michael dead, instead of administering CPR and alerting someone to call the cops.

    3. This is the same weirdo, who claims he held Michael’s penis every night, I have no sympathy and I just don’t believe this pathetic little man. Hope Joe saved you a seat in Hell, you bum

  2. Jira Hannah Olinares

    Blah blah blah…its as if you took good care of his son!!

  3. GamerGirl 2525


  4. Michael wasn’t castrated he had children that are his there is proof that they are his so people back off Michael Jackson was one of the best people to ever live so just stop

  5. Darrylene Ford

    In the words of MJ’s murderer

  6. This doctor is trying to redeem himself but he will never….MJs death will forever hang on him….theres doctor-patient confidentiality….the man is unscrupulous with no professional ethics…. the jacksons have shrill voices….and so what if MJ was chemically castrated….did he confide in you so you can write a book……I wish you were in Africa….we would have bewitched you so you walk around eating grass with MJs music bellowing from your tummy….that your gods who live in stupid America where murderers are jailed for only 2 years and society allows them to boast around….

  7. Calling the Kettle Black ehhhh well guess what karma awaits you for planting your own !!!! You are no better murderer you might of got away with a slap on the wrist but karma don’t give short sentences !!!! You should keep your yap shut now u have build yourself a wave of bad energy and it shall be coming your way it’s called karma !!!!

  8. And you are the worst Doctor in history!!!

  9. Conrad you are a fine one to talk you dirty low down murderous dog…do you remember that you murdered that man’s son? You should have been electrocuted for killing Michael…his family along with the whole world dislikes you for what you did and now you want to bash Mr Jackson..shame on you. You can say mj told you things but he is not here to tell the truth you are the last person to believe you dirty murderer if it wasn’t for you Michael would probably still be here…I hope that you never have a minute of peace I hope you see him everyday. At least Mr Jackson’s kids all did positive things in life unlike your parents they created a monster….you

  10. Fuck you, murderer.

  11. Joe Jackson is gonna whoop that ass in Heaven

  12. Hope u die soon for killing MJ ☹

  13. breanna walker

    So your saying you cared about Michael and Joe but you killed Michael Jackson but the question is why did you kill Michael if you cared about them

  14. Curtistine Miller


  15. u can smell the diarrhea coming out of conrad’s mouth

  16. Don’t worry Conrad, Joe saved you a spot in hell 🙂

  17. Dude your one of the worst doctors in history.

  18. The gall and audacity of him to speak that family’s name after what he did, he is sick and attention seeking.

  19. But his father didn’t kill him YOU DID 😭😭😭

  20. Dominique Ford

    men that whoop they kids teach them discipline toughness etc as yo bitch ass kicked his son teaching that all medical malpractice doctors are pussy muthafuckas for the rothschilds he like all father’s wanted what was best for their kids especially coming from a poverty stricken town poor hard working etc yo bitch ass couldn’t handle being in the military playing football 1980’s n before etc u soft pussy muthafuckas the reason stand your ground self defense second amendment etc will be applied to u pussy muthafuckas before any more medical deaths due to all snitches crooked cops magistrate judges etc like u pussy muthafuckas ready for y’all afterlife let alone war against rothschilds n lackies alive

  21. Jessica Santos

    Dr.Conrad isn’t michael’s friend he never was & I don’t think this monster should be talking about redemption or hell because that’s where he should be for what he did so he’s not in tittle to be talking & whatever Michael confine to him as a doctor he shouldn’t be going around saying anything…. This ignorant Bastard should refresh his own memories because the last time we all checked he was in court for ministering propofol & killing he’s so called friend so if I was this ass hole I’ll keep my mouth shut & Dr.Conrad nobody even the Jackson Family expect you to shed tears over joe Jackson’s passing they don’t need it,If you didn’t show one single emotion when you was in court for Michael’s death we all know for joe’s either so you pathetic for doing this video,Attacking someone who’s already dead & can’t defend himself from your pathetic ass… You need God in your life dude #Smh

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