Blog King’s Review: Hotel Transylvania 3 satiated with untamed, comedic thrills

Hotel Transylvania 3 is corny, but funny.

Hotel Transylvania passes third exam.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

HOLLYWOOD — Do you have an arduous time approaching women? Has it been ages since you’ve gone out on a date? Do you spend your weekends home alone? If so, you can probably relate to Count Dracula’s desolate situation in the animated comedy “Hotel Transylvania 3.” Written and directed by Genndy Tartakovsky, “Hotel Transylvania 3,” will take moviegoers inside the morose fatherhood of Dracula — a lonely single dad who hasn’t savored the amorous camaraderie of a woman in decades.

Realizing her father needs a spark, Mavis (Dracula’s daughter) took the liberty to schedule a family vacation which turns out to be a riff-raff cruise to the lost city of Atlantis. During the watery commute, Dracula becomes enamored with the ship’s captain — Ericka Van Helsing — while ignoring every hint she’s out to kill him.

Graphically, the movie is fine. But it ain’t “The Incredibles.” As a matter of fact, it’s probably a notch or two subordinate for the following 3 reasons: 1) The DJ battle at the end is far from banal, but corny nonetheless. 2) Dracula’s inability to articulate good English in the presence of Ericka is a little tired. And 3), the film’s Stygian, monster-esque cinematography is counterproductive to all things escapade.

That said, with an All-Star ‘voice over’ cast that includes Adam Sandler, Selena Gomez, Kevin James and Fran Drescher, “Hotel Transylvania 3” is definitely worth taking the kids to the movie theater as long as you’re not anticipating elite cinematic quality comparable to “The Incredibles.”

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  1. Why does the white headed chic look like Ellen? (Not to be rude I think she’s very pretty)

  2. Gulchehra Davlyatova

    I like this move!!!!

  3. This is my experience watching this movie:

    I went to see the movie with my mom and brother. We watched the movie at this big new movie theater with many floors, reclinable seats, and a nice, but small, party room. We went to our screening theater, and we saw people waiting, sitting down, and eating. These people were waiting for the showing to start. What happened is that someone pulled the fire alarm, and the staff was cleaning the mess everyone created from rushing to escape. An employee came and gave us three tickets. The tickets were a form of apology from the staff, and they said we don’t have to pay the next time we visit. Then, we got into the theater. The showing started, WITHOUT PREVIEWS. 45 minutes passed, and out of nowhere, the movie STOPPED. People complained and yelled “SHOW THE MOVIE!”, and kids made shadow puppets with their hands and showed them on the screen. People also used this as an opportunity to go to the restroom. Then, an employee told us that there was a power outage, and the technicians were fixing the screen. Eventually, the movie started. After the movie ended, we went to the restrooms. Then, a person who looked like me passed me, and my mom thought I was that kid, so she yelled my name at the kid. The parents got mad at my mom, and they had to talk it out. When my mom yelled my name, she got mad at me, and I got mad at her. I complained to her, and stormed to the restroom. Eventually, we left, and we looked at the fountain near the theater. We then left to eat at a burger place nearby. THE END.


  5. I like hotel transylvania 2 more than this. That “erica” rulens everything! I hate this movie
    *just my opinion

  6. Emily Randulic

    Vlad Has Bigger Boobs Than Me😂😖

  7. Imaginative Enthusiast

    Would they just quit it with these awful sequels, not only do they suck, they have bad story lines, and sloppier animations.
    Maybe Drac didn’t zing twice, but they shouldn’t of used that animation then, or just say it was lust for another partner instead.
    They make these movies for more revenue, yet they get less and less each time. They’d get more putting it into an original film.

  8. I feel bad for Dracula in the beginning when he said he was lonely. He really misses his wife Martha.

  9. This movie is trashing all of the things that made the first one good

  10. The Catholic Latina

    Drac…what happened to your taste? 😱

  11. Squish Princess

    ❤️❤️ Im seeing this movie today I CAN”T WAIT ❤️❤️It looks super CUTE ❤️❤️

  12. I agree. The graphics were mind blowing and outstanding for an animated film! I was awe inspired and it was breath taking. Atlantas was designed so beautifully youd want it to be real so you could go yourself! Half of the music was okay but some felt forced into it. The plot was eh. Its a kids movie.

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