America has spoken: Barack Obama voted ‘greatest president’ ever in Pew Survey

Barack Obama voted greatest president of our lifetime.

Obama is voted best president.

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WASHINGTON — The results of a new Pew Research Center survey were just imparted and, in a runaway choice, Barack Obama was named the greatest president in our lifetime. The nation’s first black Commander in Chief kicked ass, winning 31% of the American vote — very impressive considering he’s a Democrat with a GOP executive currently in office. The most popular Republican president ever is Ronald Reagan, a former actor who vacated office roughly 30 years ago. Current president Donald Trump sits near the bottom of the list along with fellow Republicans George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush.

Anyway, back to Obama. Hmm… with popularity numbers that exorbitant, probably wouldn’t surprise any of us one bit to see his wife — former first lady Michelle Obama — toss her hat into the 2020 presidential ring. Rumor has it she’s contemplating a run. But, so far, there’s nothing concrete.

Anyway, do you agree with the survey?

Is Obama the best president ever?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. OfficialNinjaOfSteel

    Obama definitely wasn’t the best president, but I’m pretty sure he was the coolest.

    Edit: Maybe a close second. Teddy Roosevelt was pretty badass.

  2. luv me some obama…… miss that man

  3. banannaman0000000000

    The worst president ever. The one that tried to ruin the country. Don’t miss the idiot at all.

  4. Thank God this clown is no longer the President of America. Thank God President Trump is President of America. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

  5. agree with the survey

    he is the BEST we ever had

    god bless him and his family

  6. No one can deny that he was a great orator and had an unparalleled rhetoric, definitely coolest president ever. But to actually think he was a good president, you must get your news from, well… news outlets.

  7. Eileen Tsiapanos

    How I miss his presidency! How clearly he is SO in love with Michelle!! They’re just amazing! And amazing parents of 2 amazing young women. May your lives continue to be full and joyous.

  8. Barak Obama & family
    what a wonderful president, during your 2 presidential terms:- you showed yourself to be a grt. president & a wonderful people person also, you’ll be greatly missed;

  9. Although Obama is indeed the first black president to hold office he absolutely was the worst thing since crack cocaine. He will go down as one of the worst presidents in history, rightfully so. I know some of you will hate on me for my opinion , oh well. Statistics do not lie.

  10. He was refreshing and he did good things but he also did not deliver on a lot he has promised. I hope he means what he said during his time as a president and during election. Use the Netflix deal to actually reveal some truth. If not I’m sure he was simply one of the frauds.

  11. Cookies n Cream

    I wish he was still in office….. things would be sooooooo much better 🙂

  12. Thank you, Barack Obama, for still being here. Your voice is the voice of sanity and truth that will keep us encouraged and inspired throughout the darker days to come.

  13. We miss you Obama

  14. C.L. Swearingen

    Barack Obama a good man with great integrity. When he was President he lead by example & in way that included everyone. He & his beautiful wife are the epitome of classy. Whenever there was a national tragedy, he was there with the right words to console the nation.

  15. I miss you Sir!

  16. Obama cares more about himself than anyone else.

  17. Lying sack of 💩!


  19. Registered Voter

    Trump is so awful he makes Obama look great

  20. Obama is a terrorist. He openly supported Sunni Fundamentalists in Syria. He should be tried for war crimes.

  21. Bryson Pittman

    Obama rules ! truly one of the greatest Presidents ever

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