Ex-NFL star Winslow Jr accused of raping multiple women within the past 15 years

Winslow Jr facing multiple rape charges/San Diego Union-Tribune

Winslow Jr faces rape accusations.

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SAN DIEGO — Former NFL tight end Kellen Winslow Jr., who’s already facing charges for raping and kidnapping two women, was arraigned on a new rape charge in California on Thursday. Winslow, 34, is now being accused of forcibly raping an unconscious 17-year-old girl in 2003 when he was 19. In addition to that accusation, he’s scheduled to stand trial in San Diego for the alleged rapes of two middle-aged women, ages 54 and 58. The latter is a homeless broad who claims Winslow hoodwinked her into going out on a date, only to take her to a sequestered locale where she was ultimately raped.

The vagrant female also claims Winslow threatened to kill her. “I was just scared to death,” she recalled. Not sure if Winslow suffers from Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) or what, but you know times are hard when you’re raping homeless dames. Hopefully, he’ll get the medical attention he needs.

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  1. Tripper Harrison

    God , I hope this isn’t true. What a shame, waste, and tragedy. Winslow Jr had potential to be a hall of fame tight end in the pros. Insane talent ,but, his head was never wrapped right. A major mental risk.

  2. “TIGHT ENDS” and Prison is a bad combo..

  3. Mike Simmerman

    Hope he gets his head cracked for all them sex charges no explanation gonna justify sex charges if he found guilty

  4. Tondalaya Kapoofnick

    He was out of control when he played.

  5. Keep Up With The Jones’s Drip

    Half-breed Kellen WinslOw Jr 😏

  6. probably rape some white woman even though he is half breed you still a nigga in their eyes

  7. Kinky Bartender

    Too bad he won’t get a chance to hang out with Aaron Hernandez…

  8. NFL=Nothing but Felons League adding more to their portfolio

  9. Never liked this dude’s attitude. Good riddance

  10. This nyga raping elderly women bruh?.. Amazing..


  12. billybad905 9toes

    He’ll go in to prison a tight end but he’ll come out a wide receiver

  13. Dwells Southern


  14. damn nigga, u rapin old hoes? that CTE is a mothafucka

  15. He is extremely handsome like Jeffery dahmer

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