Meth Mom allows gang rape of 2-year-old daughter, her boyfriend is charged too

Azzie Watson and Charles Green commit heinous child crimes.

Meth Mom facing disturbing charges.

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KANSAS CITY — The most disturbing news of the day comes from Independence, Missouri (Meth Capital USA) where 25-year-old junkie Azzie Watson faces multiple child abuse charges for allowing two men to repeatedly rape her beautiful 2-year-old daughter and, get this: she sat there and watched each time. Azzie, the unfit mother of 2 kids, was arrested June 29th in Kansas City on a separate ‘failure to appear’ charge. Her daughter was coincidentally admitted into the hospital the same day amid execrable allegations of rape. Law enforcement officials in Independence then turned over audio evidence to the Kansas City Police Department that implicates Azzie was indeed an accomplice to the alleged crime.

In the recording, Azzie admits her daughter was raped roughly 5 times. After hearing herself on tape, Azzie told detectives she lied in the recording out of fear of deranged boyfriend Charles Green. Azzie was then told her daughter tested positive for a sexually transmitted disease (STD) and she had meth in her system. Also, several metallic objects were discovered in the feet of both kids.

When pressed on the issue, Azzie confessed to using meth around the children. But she couldn’t explain the STD. After interviewing Azzie, police secured a warrant for Charles’ arrest. He was consequently busted and charged with 2 counts of child endangerment in Jackson County.

During the interrogation process, Charles said he and Azzie used meth around the children frequently. He said both kids walked barefoot inside his shop which explains the metallic objects found in their feet. Charles, 43, also said Azzie’s children referred to him as daddy.

Both kids, thank God, were placed in foster care.

Oh, it gets worse.

When the foster parent attempted to change the little girl’s diaper, the 2-year-old said, “Daddy, stop being mean to me. Daddy it hurts.” So, it’s probably safe to assume Charles raped her too.

Lord have mercy.

I don’t get it. Something’s not right about a sizable segment of today’s mothers. Not sure if it’s fear of being alone, narcotics or an odious admixture of both. But it’s really a damn shame. Thoughts and prayers go out to Azzie’s children as they spend the rest of their lives in convalescence.

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  17. I am glad they are where they both belong. I pray for the children. I warned an old friend that she needed to stay away from them both. Thank God she cut ties and realized they were on drugs when she didl

  18. put mom and boyfriend in a torture chamber and show no mercy

  19. JudgeJuryExecutioner

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