Bernie Sanders makes campaign pitch in Wyandotte County as election day looms

Bernie Sanders campaigns in Kansas City, Kansas/AP.

Sanders rocks KC, dogfight looming. 

Blog King, Mass Appeal

KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Cardi B’s favorite politician — Bernie Sanders — brought his democratic itinerary to Kansas City, Kansas on Friday (July 20) to purvey campaign support in favor of Brent Welder, a candidate in Kansas’ 3rd Congressional District. Right now, that seat is being occupied by Republican Kevin Yoder. Roughly 2,000 people showed up at Jack Reardon Convention Center to hear Bernie’s oration. “Whether you’re in Kansas, Vermont or any place else, the American people are sick and tired of the status quo,” Bernie, 76, told the rabid Wyandotte crowd.

“They want a government that represents all of us.” 

Bernie also appeared at a convocation in support of James Thompson in Wichita.

Are you a Bernie fan?

Do Democrats stand a chance in a Republican state like Kansas?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. ‘We love you Bernie!’ XD

  2. Ryan Villadsen

    Bernie 2020!

  3. Jenny Castillo

    Hey Trump turds 💩 this is what a president sounds like

  4. Love Bernie. He keeps us on the straight path.

  5. albert tremorin

    He’s good with the crowd. I want him to lay out more specifically how his ideas could be implemented. If we’re going to subsidize education, then we should expect clean energy engineering from the next generation. Expect to give 50% of our incomes for this vision and it needs to be clear that education is worth the investment. An apprenticeship program seems more practical and valuable in my opinion.

  6. I was there and the crowd was 100% electrified. LOL…The were people yelling out, “WE LOVE YOU” to every one of the speakers and the cheers were raucous. It was inspiring.

  7. Hard to believe there are people in this country SOOOOO…. STUPID, They actually think Socialism is Good. Can’t even fathom that. They’re gonna LOVE the Antichrist when he comes..

  8. They dont belong in Kansas. Deport them.

  9. We don’t support socialism in Kansas. They’re so full of themselves.

  10. Kansas has Traditional Values and its NOT radical Socialism. Kansas votes Republican and it will stay that way.

  11. The1Mouseketeer

    Why are they campaigning in these red (Republican red not communist red) states? Very few natives there support socialism and most of the ones that do live in the big inner cities of those states and/or moved from a predominantly liberal state such as California. As a Kansan/Missourian native im appalled to see socialism in my states in any capacity. Long live capitalism and republicanism!

  12. Bernie for prez 2020!!!!!!

  13. jack n the box

    time to turn kansas into a democratic state

  14. In front of a crowd of 100.

  15. Democrats Unite!

    Former Governor Sam Brownback and the extremist right-wing Conservatives destroyed the state of Kansas. Republicans brought Kansas budget shortfalls, budget deficits, cuts to education, healthcare, infrastructure, and transportation. It was so bad that in 2016 Democrats picked up 12 State House seats and moderate Republicans defeated the extremist conservatives.

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