1. Damn this song sucks

  2. Wtf is this creature

  3. Is he allowed to say nigga?

  4. Hair sponsored by Skittles and Candy Crush


    Niggaz look like crackheads wit red rags on!

  6. Who is this rainbow lady and why is she so angry

  7. What. The. Literal. Fuck.

  8. I feel like I’m being punknd by the world that dude is this popular… Ashton Kutcher is gonna run up on me saying ahh we gotcha ya this is fake

  9. Hustle Lorenzo

    He’s on his way to prison soon. The da wants him to get 1-3 years and to registry as a sex offender. He’s gonna be getting that stiffy uhhh

  10. ok….. what the fuck did i just watch????

  11. I like it

  12. WOW IS COOL 😎😈🔥🔥 I’m from Argentina 🔥💙

  13. HAHA! this wannabe is going to jail! we are going to have a lot 13 year old’s commit suicide! HAHAHA!

  14. Josiana Despas

    c est choooooo bete😎😎💪👍

  15. This is mad hard

  16. suwoo piru shit boss gang shit 🔆🔫😈😈😈😈😈

  17. You people show this cats love by viewing their garbage, putting sorry niggas with no talent on the map. The industry is audience driven… everything goes through the viewer or listener… , no matter how hard cat hustle, if the music is good it’s good, if it aint it aint and you shouldn’t buy or listen to crap ass music. His views are soaring and for what? He’s a circus..a freak show and y’all supporting this shit. #travesty

  18. I just came here cause I heard he has skittle hair and teeth.

  19. Cameron Hogsten

    He’s is my pet rainbow unicornnn❤💛💚💙💜💖

  20. This dude all weak af. Fake gang bangers

  21. I couldn’t even watch a minute of this mess, what the hell is wrong with people. I have no clue who this dude is, and I don’t care to know 🤦🏻‍♀️ Someone slap me, and tell me I am living in a nightmare. Is this really what kids fine entertaining and is this really what they are looking up to? First off, please don’t look up to anyone! Don’t follow anyone, don’t idolize anyone, bc they are truly just human themselves. Make your own path in life, and be unique in your own right, but don’t copy or try to act like this person or any other fool. I don’t even know why I try. I think it’s a loss cause. So sad, though 🤦🏻‍♀️

  22. Charles Proctor

    This dude is a fucking fairy snowflake retarded fuckin faggot!! Why does this have so many views??!??!?! Our society is fuckin doomed. Someone needs to decapitate this fucking faggot before he can help poison our society even further!!!

  23. Smh niggas making fun of his songs but be the first one blasting his music in they hood

  24. Using fake ass guns

  25. Why has he got skittles stuck on his teeth

  26. this nigga look like satan his daddy

  27. Elisa Mondragon

    “Nigga this, nigga that, hoes, hoes” This is disgusting 😣

  28. Sofiane Laroui

    Look im in prison nigga …


  30. Catherine Moffat

    I love this song

  31. 6ix9ine for life

  32. FREE 6IX9INE

  33. Are you fucking kidding me

  34. paranoidalalien

    Why is it ok for this clown to say the n word over and over again?

  35. why do rappers always sing about uzi’s

  36. Yasmine Parker

    Free Him 😩😩😩♥️

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