Homeless web developer stands in street holding enormous ‘Take A Resume’ sign

David Casarez receives job offers following publicity stunt.

Homeless web guy’s solicitation worked.

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MOUNTAIN VIEW — Are you esurient? Are you vagrant? Are you sick and tired of your lady calling you a bum? If so, you’d be sagacious to mimic the last-ditch efforts of 26-year-old David Casarez — a homeless web developer who, on Friday, got his lazy ass off the park bench, put on a suit and tie, then stood on a highway median while holding a handwritten sign that reads: “HOMELESS. HUNGRY 4 SUCCESS. TAKE A RESUME.” The publicity stunt worked. David received more than 200 job offers.

Not bad for a corpulent hobo in Mountain View (Calif).

Moral of the story?

If David can do it, so can you.

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  1. Sorry but if he was that hungry he wouldnt be standing there

  2. Chanel NiDeAqUiNiDeAYa

    Good for him . wish him the best .

  3. I was born a poor black child

    Great things are going to happen for you, David.

  4. DexterTheMachine

    hey man i’ m a struggle addict counting pennies,
    3 job interviews failed for no reason, but god is within,
    we all have fallen issues, just keep belief in ur heart.

  5. Cool, good luck!

  6. Fat chonk for sale

  7. Johnathan Landers

    Go get it son !!!!!#MOTIVATION!


  9. Edward the TwentyFifth

    Wow. Great story.

  10. He should be the model for the homeless. You beg for job not for food or money. Other homeless I knew are becoming parasite.

  11. Shit wouldve been different if he was black

  12. Great to see a #HomelessEntrepreneur advancing! Does anyone know if he’s gotten a job? Hope so!

  13. I’m really close to being on his status 😅😔, the difference is that I have my wife and kids going down with me. I’ve been trying so hard to break in the field, study Monday through Sunday for 8+ hrs for the last 2yrs or so. Applied at hundreds of positions with no feedback. I would give up and go back to a safer non related job but I’m no longer good at anything else. I’m in too deep now and with massive debt, faith and concern about each passing day.

  14. Being homeless and unemployed is definitely the future!

  15. this guy is fuckin nuts… I wouldnt give him a job

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