Rivalry Renewed: Kansas outlasts Missouri during exhibition at Silverstein Eye Arena

Mario Chalmers shares a few laughs with Brandon Rush/Getty

KU, MU rivalry is renewed, sort of.

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INDEPENDENCE — After spending 10 years in the league, former Kansas Jayhawk Brandon Rush is a despairing free agent void of an NBA home. This weekend, he played as if his career depends upon it. Brandon scored 46 points and Mario Chalmers contributed 21 in KU’s 109-101 victory over the hated Missouri Tigers in Saturday’s ‘Rivalry Renewed’ exhibition at Silverstein Eye Centers Arena in Independence (Missouri). “I felt like I was on fire,” said Brandon, 33. “I felt like everything was going to go in. It comes from repetition.” 

When asked if he was trying to make a statement to NBA scouts, Brandon replied: “No message. I just need to get a shot again. If I can get my foot in the door, I’m pretty sure I could make a team happy.”

Leo Lyons led Mizzou with 34 points in a losing effort. Brandon’s brother, Kareem Rush, scored 14 for the Tigers. Call it family bias. But, if it were up to him, Brandon would still be in the NBA. “I’m proud of him. He got 50 on me,” said Kareem who scored all of his points in the first half.

“I think he deserves to be back in the league.”

Despite an average ticket price of $50, roughly 2,500 fans showed up to watch a handful of recognizable alums compete in a fundraiser for an undisclosed charity. Many believe more tickets would’ve sold had organizers revealed their intentions specific to charitable contributions.

After all, fifty bucks to view a group of has-beens is quite immoderate.

That said, KU-MU haven’t played a meaningful game since 2012.

Should the rivalry continue?

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  1. Kansas hates MU forever have fun in your new league EX Big TWELVE

  2. Who cares about the Missouri tigers

  3. Devon Chambers

    Kansas and Missouri need a home and home series again…played in Columbia and Lawrence…a legendary series down the drain..

  4. Cool Plush The Great!


  5. If MU ever gets itself together again, the NCAA will put them in KU’s bracket so that they HAVE to play ..same as they did with Wichita state

  6. Note to Coach Self: NEVER SCHEDULE MISSOURI. Let them play Mississippi State instead.

  7. Fuck dis shit

  8. and MU has been garbage in BBALL ever since LOL

  9. Lane Gillespie

    So glad that I was able to attend this game!

  10. I’m a MU fan & I hate that they left the big 12

  11. Burt Macklin FBI Agent

    @carsonc29: Lololololol you guys are the fucking pussies who won’t play us

  12. Boy, if Missouri played Kansas this year in basketball, we’d beat yall by double digits EASILY. I have no doubt about that.

  13. Youngest Outlaws

    technically this isn’t a rivalry if Ku wins every time😂😂 

  14. MIZ-ZOU

  15. FUCK KU



  16. nobody outside the states of kansas and missouri give a fuck about this rivalry

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