Blog King’s Crime Report: Florida mother neglected six kids, Psycho dad kills baby

Sara Nicole Resko jailed/Photo: YouTube.

Nasty mom gets busted in Florida. 

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MARION COUNTY, Fla. — Sara Nicole Resko, a 30-year-old unfit mother in Florida, is rotting behind bars after Marion County Sheriff Deputies found her 6 children living in “some of the worst” conditions ever witnessed. So, how did they catch her? On July 31st, deputies were cruising the strip when they saw a 2-year-old girl and a 4-year-old boy wandering in the middle of the damn street. Deputies immediately noticed both kids had multiple open sores and their heads were infested with lice. The little girl was also naked from the waist down.

As deputies probed the vicinity to find out where the kids came from, they noticed a quartet of dirty children (ages 6, 8, 9 and 13) riding their bikes. Turns out, they’re siblings of the two lost kids. They also had lice and open sores. When asked what’s going on, the children said Sara left them home alone while she took her precipitous ass to work.

Moments later, deputies entered their home and that’s when all hell broke loose. Check this out: Sara’s house had no running water, no food, and no electricity. The floor was covered in dog shit, flies were buzzing everywhere, and the kids slept on a pissy mattress with no linens.

Perhaps out of pity, deputies waited at the hell hole for nearly 2 hours. That’s when Sara walked through the door, claiming she’d been gone for a few minutes. When deputies told her how long they’d been there, Sara flipped the script. But it was too late. Deputies threw her child-neglecting ass in jail.

After looking into Sara’s parental history, deputies learned she was reported for child neglect in the past. Rather than give Sara third and fourth chances, the Department of Children & Families took custody of her 6 children.

Sara now faces 6 counts of child neglect.

James Hays Jr abused stepkids.

EVIL BOYFRIEND DOGS GIRLFRIEND’S KIDS: The most conspicuous news of the day comes from Sedalia (Missouri) where James Hays Jr. faces multiple child abuse charges for beating, starving and incarcerating his girlfriend’s 3 kids for 4 years. And, get this: he also coerced them to eat shoes. Oh, it gets worse. James’ 3 kids lived in the home too, which means he maltreated his girlfriend’s children in front of them. Damn, that’s cold. This, needless to say, was a fucked-up variant of the Brady Bunch. So, how did James get caught? On July 23rd, the aunt noticed a myriad of “large bruises” on her nieces and nephews and decided to take them to the hospital. That’s when police learned James beat the shit out of those kids. For instance, the little girl had a visible footprint on her shin. The children (ages 8, 9 and 12) told the cops James made it a daily idiosyncrasy to “yell at them, kick them a lot and spank them” for “trying to get something to eat.” James also locked them in the bathroom, forcing their petrified mother to “sneak food to them.” Then, as the proverbial cherry on top, James made the poor kids ingest shoes during a dastardly eating competition. In other words, whoever ate the most shoes would get “to stop and eat real breakfast.” Can you believe this shit? When interrogated by police, the ditzy mom (who wishes to remain anonymous) said she tried to leave James 30 or 40 times but feared for her safety. James now faces 3 counts of felony child abuse. The mother, in my opinion, should be charged too.

Daniel Torres killed 8-month-old.

PSYCHO DAD KILLS BABY: Daniel Torres, 28, is also chillin’ behind bars after murdering his 8-month-old daughter, Lily, in Westfield, Massachusetts. Daniel slapped Lily so hard, the poor child stopped breathing. Lily also suffered bleeding in the brain, retinal hemorrhages and facial bruises. Police said Daniel’s handprint could be seen on Lily’s face several hours later. After being placed on life support, Lily died Monday. Daniel assaulted her the preceding Saturday. “She was a good baby, big eyes, and just the brightest smile,” said Lily’s aunt, Lisa Seymour, during a prayer vigil on Wednesday. “Our family is never going to be complete without her.” When asked what happened, Daniel originally lied (claiming it was an accident) before ultimately coming clean. He was apparently mad at Lily’s mother and took his vexation out on the child. Daniel faces charges of assault, battery, reckless endangerment of a child, and misleading a police officer. He can expect to get his ass beat daily in the Penitentiary. Inmates absolutely loathe child abusers.

That completes today’s crime report.

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  1. Sierra Collins

    I hope that any one who is being abused will speak up, anyone who is being abused, neglected please speak up. It will help you have a better life.

  2. KrysMarie Hudson

    Seriously, this is so heartbreaking!!!!!!

  3. I. Hate. Child. Abuse. If I have children, no matter my situation, I will provide the best life for them. If that isnt enough, then I will give them up, however broken it would leave me.

  4. OMG this made me cry!

  5. This is so sad 😞😢😭

  6. Poor baby

  7. Lavender Subliminals

    This is really sad 😭 My grandma works with kids who have been abused like this. It’s so sad

  8. Arnold Matthews

    Sad that so many potentially good mothers have a hard time getting pregnant and then people like these have kids.

  9. Im a 35 year old man, and this brought a tear to my eye, I haven’t actually told anyone, but I would give anything to be a father, unfortunately I doubt that will ever happen as I have some mental health issues and haven’t been on a date in 4 years. It is truly horrendous that a person could treat a poor innocent child like that.

  10. Mais Michaelis

    That’s why I want to be a foster parent

  11. women in america make poor decisions when it comes to men

  12. Inquisitor Christopher

    People should be subjected to mandatory mental health screening before being allowed to have kids.


  14. give that bitch a hysterectomy asap!

  15. open sores? lice? cant believe there’s dudes out there fuckin this ho

  16. this bitch is really disgusting…. where is the daddy? 🤢

  17. Therainbowqueen123

    wtf who would do something like this!?!?

  18. My father beat the shit out of me every day of my childhood and my mother ignored it and would abuse me emotionally. I left at age 16 just to get the hell away from them. Neighbors knew about it, teachers knew about it but none of them did anything. I’m 60 years old now and it still hurts me, it never goes away. But I’ve made the best of it, I have a good family and good relationship with my daughter. For all the abused kids out there: you can overcome it, you can have a good life.

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