Psycho babysitters locked-up after forcing child to guzzle dog urine through straw

Shyann Marie Hills and Jakayo Scott Frye terrorized 4 kids.

Crazy babysitters assaulted children.

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BRADFORD COUNTY — The most egregious news of the day comes from Bradford County, Pennsylvania where diabolical babysitters Jakayo Scott Frye and Shyann Marie Hills face multiple charges for torturing four children within a 6-day period. Not sure what’s going on relative to how kids are being treated in this country. But it’s a huge concern. Here’s what transpired: Jakayo and Shyann, both 22-years-old, received $100 in remuneration to watch 4 whippersnappers for a week while mom vacationed in North Carolina. Instead of acting like responsible adults, Jakayo and Shyann showed their ass by treating those kids like bovine animals.

First, they fettered the 9-year-old girl to a cabinet and made her drink dog urine through a straw. Secondly, they spanked the 8-year-old girl with a metal stove handle. Then, thirdly, they coerced the 14-year-old boy to beat up his 7-year-old brother (Cage Match Style).

Jakayo and Shyann also forced the kids to sleep on a bed of nails.

When mom returned home, she immediately noticed something fallacious about the quartet and called an ambulance. Medical examiners later discovered a laundry list of physical ailments ranging from bruising/swelling to dehydration.

Jakayo and Shyann were consequently handcuffed and charged with dozens of odious crimes, including aggravated assault, false imprisonment, unlawful restraint and child endangerment.

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  1. sick fuckers…. lock em up

  2. There’s nothing worse than poor white trash

  3. My sincere and deepest regrets go out to those poor poor children… they should never had to endure such a cruel and reckless awakening as to just how scary this world can truly be. I’m angered by the fact that someone can just completely destroy the innocence of a child so carelessly, and ruin and or break them for the rest of their lives. I’m truly disgusted that these (monsters that bare the guise of human flesh) were able to torment those children for as long as they did without an outside source to phone for help, I mean surely the neighbors had to hear their cries of pain (or maybe not) may they rot in jail and face torment and abuse in their coming days of imprisonment and judgment, and may it be that they must hide their faces in the dark so that harassment hang from their necks like a slain albatross for its mocking displeasure becoming a life sentence. Your concious will eat you and your sanity will wane until sleep mo longer graces your company.

  4. Why don’t people watch their own kids? Or let Grandma watch them?

  5. Alecia Novinski

    I don’t trust anyone watching my baby accept for my mom

  6. And that’s why I don’t trust babysitters

  7. if I was the mother I wouldve shot those 2 bastards

  8. Lock them up for a long time.

  9. Joselyn Tenido


  10. people, please stop trusting babysitters and daycare centers

  11. why did the mom call the cops? shouldve just shot the fuckers

  12. Shyann,as you can see unless you’re blind was also a victim of abuse at his hands. I’ve known her for 7 years now and this is completely out of character for her. I know better.

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