Killer mom gets mental health evaluation, depression drove her to suicidal actions

Scharron Dingledine charged with murder of her child/KCTV5.

Suicidal mom said boyfriend abusive.

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LAWRENCE, Kan. — New details have emerged in the suicidal matter of Scharron Dingledine who’s charged with first-degree murder after she drove her car into the Kansas River two weeks ago with lamentable intent to murder her 2 children. Authorities in Lawrence (Kansas) were able to dive into the waterway and rescue Scharron and her 1-year-old son. But her 5-year-old daughter didn’t make it. During a recent court appearance, Scharron’s lawyer filed a motion to have a psychiatric evaluation conducted to see if Scharron is mentally fit to stand litigation.

Now we know why.

According to court documents, when police officers pulled Scharron from the water, she yelled “let me die!” When interviewed afterwards, Scharron claimed her boyfriend beat her ass frequently — forcing a voluntary admittance into a psychiatric hospital.

Scharron also told police she was “feeling depressed” and “decided she was going to kill herself and the children because she didn’t want anyone else to have them.” After reaching her breaking point, Scharron put both kids in the front seat with her, with no seat belts, then drove into the water.

A passerby heard the children screaming and called police.

What’s your take?

Is Scharron a cold-blooded killer or batshit crazy?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. let’s save taxpayer money and just kill the bitch


    I would rather die a painful death than do this to my children.
    No kid should have to go through this

  3. I feel so bad for the kids 😢 I hope she is getting the best help needed 🙏

  4. Skyler Grey // All Is Vanity

    I feel bad for suicidal people and I understand how hard it must be, but the second they start doing this whole “I wanna take people with me” BS is where I lose all sympathy for them what-so-ever. What kind of mother tried to kill her own children? She is no mother, she is a monster.

  5. Why would a mother do that to her children, that is soo f*cked up man😭

  6. DeShawn 'Dawg' BNBG

    Elephant issue in the room? The fact that child protection services deliberately soft-pedal with abusive black mothers.

  7. Mom of the year goes to

  8. She’s sick…Mentally ill…Some forms of mental illness cause suicidal tendencies.. We see it as evil… Not justifying it at all…but, she’s sick. As a correctional officer in california i once had to guard a woman who did the same thing.. hung herself and her 2 sons in the garage.. of course her knot wasnt tied as tightly as hers sons, they died, she didnt..

  9. HunterKiller X

    I know she has mental problems but she deserves to be in jail for life

  10. fuck a psych evaluation

    give the bitch the electric chair

  11. That ho aint crazy………. she just tryin to avoid punishment

  12. amanda parsons

    she obviously has mental problems just hope she gets the help she needs

  13. todays bitches aint shit

  14. 100MilesNWalkin

    if you wanna kill yourself fine………………….. but dont drag the kids into your bullshit

  15. dameyale royster

    You can’t be in the right state of mind to do that.

  16. stone her to death

  17. Jonathan Bassett

    if theres a hell. this lady gets the fast pass..

  18. Amazin how she can’t kill herself but was damm sure successful killing the child!

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