President Trump’s war against prominent African-Americans has everybody talking

No love lost between LeBron and President Trump/TMZ.

Trump’s remarks receiving criticism. 

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WASHINGTON — There’s a war brewing between President Donald Trump and prominent African-Americans. Everybody knows it. But Trump’s history of attacking well-known blacks as possessing “low IQs” has many asking one or two disconcerting questions: 1) Is it merely a poor choice of words? Or, 2) is he a proponent of bigoted “race science” that claims whites are inherently more intelligent than blacks? There’s probably enough of a track record to buttress the latter. A few months ago, Trump lambasted California Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters — accusing her of harboring a “very low IQ.” If you recall, back in 2011, Trump tried to stigmatize Barack Obama’s Ivy League education by labeling the nation’s first black president a “terrible student.”

Then, last Friday, Trump disparaged the brainpower of NBA icon LeBron James and CNN anchor Don Lemon on Twitter. “Lebron James was just interviewed by the dumbest man on television, Don Lemon,” Trump tweeted. “He made Lebron look smart, which isn’t easy to do.” Trump’s twitter philippic came just hours after LeBron opened a school in urban Ohio for underprivileged youth.

Talk about bad timing?

Anyway… LeBron is apparently so repulsed by Trump’s deportment, he’s contemplating a run for president.

Would he get your vote?

Is Trump racist or misunderstood?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Prince Of All Saiyans

    Trump is dickhead he has all the time in the world to attack people on social media cause he is doing fuck all in the white house

  2. Candyce Gardner

    Such an amazing human being. ❤️👍

  3. Lost respect for lebron to even come on CNN. #FAKENEWS

  4. Trump needs to understand that LeBron throughout his career has been called names and dealt with many haters, yet unlike trump, he remains thick skinned and performs at his best night in and night out. Trump takes offense to everything and that’s what has tarnished his reputation.

  5. clayton jackson

    Why I admire that brother Lebron James…lol Lebron James is producing a Docuseries….Guess what it’s called?? Yup its called ”Shut up and Dribble” 😎 Lebron James built a school with longer class hours OF ATTENDANCE for students, an effort to help keep black kids out of trouble & off the streets. Lisa Ingram & Trump’S REACTION is proof that the intelligent/successful black male is a formidable threat! The whole world is watching & TAKING NOTES! Nothing may change in this generation, but at least we know the TRUTH due to social media’s valid existence! Trump & others in influential positions are trying to throw this man off his PATH. Lebron is much too intelligent and non emotional for that simple GAME plan! As the black male is continually oppressed ruthlessly, he only becomes STRONGER and more strategic to OVERCOME the malignant forces that incarnate the very evil that plagues this entire planet! POSITIVENESS is the WAY FORWARD!! I support Lebron 200%, although I KNOW evidently he would be met with FIERCE hate and opposition. Anywayz Cheers playa Bron! It’s about a lot MORE than basketball! RESPECT!

  6. James Lougheed

    Lebron james is an idiot. What a moron he is to think he could be president. He’s barely qualified to be dog catcher. But ill just kick back and watch this punk play himself out to the American people. Im white after all, and I haven’t a care in the world!

  7. Simeon McGovern

    I bet the whole time Don was interviewing lebron all he could think of was what lebrons cock tasted like

  8. Trump is a bum, along with a communist and a racist and needs to be put out of office

  9. god damn naggers

  10. Thanks LeBron James to you and your family! Thank you for setting a great example and staying true to be who you were designed to be!! Awesome example of being a man and how the ‘respect of being a Black man’ is earned and presented!!

  11. Trump is the King of Dummies

  12. Michael Sylvester

    Trump is a bully.

  13. CertainDisciple

    The problem with Black people is that we put blackness over truth. Wisdom is lost. Say racist logic goes out. Yes, they are academically smart but no wisdom. Many blacks who claim to be Christian put Black over truth biblical truth. Don Lemon is talked about in Romans 1. Don, set up Lebron to say this stuff. How did you miss that? i didn’t get to hear much about the school when i watch that interview.

  14. Namgay Tshering

    Dumbest president in the history of US.

  15. You know a country is really sick when a basketball player spends millions of dollars to fund a school, while the secretary of education spends millions on 10 luxury yachts

  16. Lebron actually makes charitable contributions. Trump just takes charitable contributions for his own pockets.

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