NFL Hall of Famer Randy Ross receiving deplorable mail from racist football fans

Belichick helps Moss celebrate enshrinement/AP Photo.

Moss catchin’ hell from racist fans.

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CANTON, Ohio — During last week’s NFL Hall of Fame enshrinement in Canton (Ohio), new inductee Randy Moss donned a tie featuring the names of several blacks who were either killed by cops or died in police custody — most notably Sandra Bland, Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner and Freddie Gray. Moss’ wardrobe choice, however, didn’t sit well with racist fans… and they let him know about it via email. “The black community praised me… for shedding light on African-Americans dying,” said Moss who’s deleted roughly 200 hate messages since Saturday’s nationally-televised ceremony.

“Then on the flip side, you’ve got people slamming me, saying ‘Nigger stay in your place, you’re a dumb black jock. Stick to playing football, nigger!'”

A Caucasian police officer also lambasted Moss for paying tribute to “the criminals that you have on your tie” because “they broke the law.” Moss explained that felons are people too, and everybody “makes mistakes” but you “shouldn’t lose your life” over a bunch of avoidable bullshit.

Do you agree with Moss or the cop?

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  1. A Black Patriot

    It burns me up to no end how wildly successful black men prop up black victim culture.

  2. Guardian Angel

    He should have had a tie with all the dead police officers that were killed in the line of duty.
    That tie he could have tripped over.

  3. Don’t even know who Randy Moss is, NFL= No Fans Left

  4. If he (and others like him) care so much, where are all the donations from them to the families?

  5. How about the thousands of murders every year that nobody helps the police solve? Try fitting those on a tie. BLM claims they want justice yet are the same people that try and prevent the police from enforcing it.

  6. Randy moss was always a punk I never respected him one little Bit. He was a troublemaker and he was just what you call a lousy little punk so Randy moss screw you back the blue

  7. I tried to watch the ceremonies ( I stopped watching NFL games when they started kneeling for the National Anthem) thinking I would see some of the old timers and enjoy it…then the tie BS started and I shut it off…..the hell with the whole NFL….by the way you seem like a pretty cool guy

  8. Randy Moss rocking the #Racecard

  9. Ben Aschenbrener

    What about the black cops who have been killed in the line of duty? Do their lives matter? Or the members of the black community that have lost their lives to do gang violence? Do they matter? Answer is yes, hell yes they do.

  10. Wonder if it was the other way around….a white player with the names of dead police officers on the tie? Kaepernick ball is getting out of control.

  11. In 2018, the average Black man hates America.

  12. All of that for a tie. These white folks just evil

  13. randy is a real nigga

    nothin fake about him like these other uncle tom negroes

  14. Every person on his tie is a CRIMINAL or was engaged in a criminal act

  15. Police are pussies

  16. Black people and white people should never mix.
    Black cops should patrol black neighborhoods.
    White cops stay in your neighborhoods.
    Simple fix to the problem.

  17. Real Black man !!!! Go head Randy !!!!✊🏾

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