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Season 3 of Claws can’t get here fast enough.

Claws leaves fans craving for more.

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NEW ORLEANS — Sunday’s season two finale of “Claws” will go down as an instant classic. Overall, everything was rock solid from screenplay to theatrics. Creator Eliot Laurence certainly saved his best for last. Empire’s Lee Daniels can learn plenty from him. My only contention is that we have to wait until next summer for the third installment. Perhaps, what stood out most is the conniving performance of Niecy Nash who recently garnered her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The 48-year-old actress, who portrays Desna, was underestimated on the show and she’s probably trivialized in real life. As a money-laundering salon owner, Desna came away the night’s biggest winner. For starters, she allowed ex-boyfriend Roller to eat her out during her wedding — just minutes after saying “I do” to her synthetic husband, Dr. Gregory Duval.

Then, Desna managed to confiscate multiple commercial businesses (including a casino) from Gregory, Russian mob-queen Zlata and Dixie Mafia crimelord Uncle Daddy. However, to do so, several people had to suffer a dirt nap. Can’t lie. The hotel scene where Desna murders Gregory was extremely fake.

Despite a 50-pound disadvantage, Desna wrestled muscle-bound Gregory to the floor, picked up a piece of broken glass, gashed him twice in the midsection, then propelled his punk ass over the hotel balcony. It would’ve been more credible had Desna simply poisoned him instead.

Afterwards, a bloody, distraught Desna scurries to Zlata’s room where they encounter Gregory’s wheelchair bound mother only to find out she’s not really handicapped. After inquiring about the whereabouts of her deceased son, the old hag jumps out the wheelchair and pulls out a pistol.

But, before she could pull the trigger, Zlata promptly shoots her in the stomach.

Seconds later… Desna signs a small batch of property ownership documents. That’s when Zlata surprisingly turns her gun towards Desna with aspirations of killing her to take over Desna’s newly acquired businesses. Keep in mind, Zlata and Desna were supposed to be friends.

But, there’s no approbation among thieves, right?

Rather than blow Desna’s brains out and abscond with millions of dollars in tangible assets, Zlata instead articulated a 5 minute oration which gave Dean (Desna’s autistic brother) enough time to show up and play hero. Anyway, Dean ends up shooting Zlata in the back.

Police officers respond several minutes late.

There’s cadavers and property damage everywhere.

Yet, nobody gets arrested.

Finally, in an acute twist, Desna sits down with her bisexual boss, Uncle Daddy, and tells him she’s done being his slave. Desna also convinces Roller (Uncle Daddy’s nephew) to leave Dixie Mafia and come work for her. Good oral sex apparently earned Roller a promotion.

Desna then tells Uncle Daddy she’s now his employer before saying, “get the f*ck out my face.” Moments later, Desna hooks up with Virginia at a casino to celebrate her newfound lucre when 2 masked men on a motorcycle pull up with machine guns and open fire — killing Virginia instantly.

Looks like we won’t see Chris Brown’s ex in season three.

So, what’s your take?

Is Uncle Daddy responsible for Virginia’s murder?

Will Dean blame Desna for Virginia’s quietus?

Will Desna make a nice Queenpin?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I love how desna fought him off, you go girl!.

  2. I think V is in a coma.
    I don’t trust that cousin at all. Uncle daddy did something but I think there’s more to it.
    Rollers wife is a kid. That whole thing is just a bit much. Hopefully, she disappears to parts unknown next season. The actress has a really bad nose job.
    I also wonder if Uncle could somehow be Rollers Bio dad after all.
    The casino is so obviously in New Orleans. Makes me wonder if they were supposed to be in New Orleans. I know they film there but Harrah’s is a New Orleans landmark. Most people know it’s not in Florida. What next the Superdome will be in Florida? The Cajun mob will show up?

  3. evil snowflake

    Great end to season 2. Now I’m sad because it’s over and I have to wait for the next season ❤😢

  4. Virginia dies 😢😢

  5. Kameca Edwards

    Honey moon from hell.


  7. I just watched Im maaaaad 2019 COME TF ON GOT ME RUSHIN MY DAMN LIFE 😂😂😂 IDC IDC IDC I love claws

  8. holy fuck

  9. Shhhhhit😓

  10. It’s so haaaard
    to say goodbye
    to a show like ClaaAAAaAAAWwwwssss!

  11. OMGGG NOOOOO 😶🤭😪

  12. This show is so crazy! It’s messy and nasty. I love it

  13. chaniqua smith

    Can’t wait for season 3 next year!

  14. The ending had me like whatttttttttttttttttttt

  15. It’s not that Ruval’s mom can’t necessarily walk. It may be that she has some issues with walking that makes a wheelchair better for her health and comfort, but she is still able to move.

  16. I knew Virginia was going to take a bullet for Des based on the promos. But damn!! I didn’t think it was a head shot. Maybe she just got grazed.
    Also I think Clay is behind it!

  17. I think cousin Clint (unbeknownst to uncle daddy) had something to do with the shooting at the end. I don’t think he liked how Desna shushed him & then let uncle daddy know that she was the boss at the table. The good ideas he was giving uncle daddy in the other episode & The way Clint is now playing roller again uncle daddy let’s me know he’s not as slow as he first seemed. I think he’s gonna be a big part of next season.

  18. Indrani Baxter

    I just finished watching this and I’m like ooohhh snap!!! It was so damned good. I cried for Virginia😭😭😭 I am going to miss you all until your new season. This has been my summer show and the cast is amazeballs! See you all soon!

  19. Simone Privott

    Maybe I missed it, but did they ever say what happened 2 Quiet Ann. Last time I looked she was flirting wit homegirl from the bar

  20. I was screaming when I seen Dean was the one that killed zlata. I need a roller too girl. The other thing at the end why were they getting in the car back they said it’s just Desna and Virginia now

  21. I did my nail for every episode of season 2. Can’t wait for my girls to be back for season 3 ❤

  22. nakeisha brown

    This show is so awesome

  23. Danielle Rodriguez

    I’m hoping season 3 focuses on Virginia who tried to shoot at Desna and getting revenge on it. Don’t kill off karrueche!

  24. Jillian Lokotui-Mitchell

    The ending got me. Virginia’s monologue at the very end was genuine. She said her truth, the last few sentences were along the lines of “Desna was the friend I had to earn”. Virginia took that moment to prove herself. I don’t know how many people could be selfless like that with only a split second to decide. I hope Virginia makes it. I still don’t like the idea of Desna and Roller together, he’s still an untested and untrustworthy person.

    I don’t see Desna being able to takeover and maintain her hold on her empire without a lieutenant in her corner. Whether they’re seen or not, every successful king/or queen-pin with longevity has a second in command (lieutenant) watching their back and who they can delegate specific and sensitive orders to, stuff they couldn’t trust their soldiers with.

    Definitely don’t see Roller as a second. Jen is a faint possibility. I think Virginia could be groomed to be a good lieutenant. But, if Polly doesn’t get back with Ken and gets herself medicated and stays on her meds, she would be a great lieutenant to Desna.

  25. I just LOVE me some Niecey Nash😍 She’s my Auntie in my head😁

  26. First may I say, I predicted uncle daddy killed his brother in season 1. I hollered when Dean killed Zlata Whooo! They set us up for that when Dean bought a gun in season 1. Virginia ain’t dead she is grazed. I don’t know how I feel about them losing the shop. I think Desna didn’t tell Zlata about all the other properties so she got to own more than the casino.

  27. Jennifer Calhoun

    Question anybody…my brother and I are at odds over where she cut him…I say stomach…but he says lower…due to blood being on the bottom half of his robe between his legs when he lands on the ground. What do you all think?

  28. Signature love

    Can we please just take the time and acknowledge that Ms.Niecy Nash played tf outta this part !!✅

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