Ruthless gunman passes FBI background screening to purchase deadly firearms

Marlin Mack received FBI clearance to purchase a gun.

Ruthless villain got clearance from FBI.

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KANSAS CITY — Law enforcement officials in Kansas City are trying to figure out what the f*ck happened after a police investigation revealed a bloody truth. Marlin Mack, the convicted felon who smoked UMKC student Sharath Koppu at J’s Fish & Chicken Market on 54th & Prospect, passed an FBI background check prior to purchasing the AK-47 used to shoot three cops a month ago. You heard me right. I didn’t stutter. The FBI gave Mack clearance to buy a gun from ‘The Armory’ in Independence (Missouri) and the assailant turned around and used it on police.

There’s obviously a glitch in the system and it’s imperative they find out what it is before more convicts submit gun purchase applications. If you recall, after murdering Koppu in broad daylight, Mack became the target of a 9-day police manhunt. During an attempt to escape, he shot 3 cops.

But none died.

Mack, however, was shot dead by police.

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  1. This is why the police have to use deadly force when dealing with certain people. This should be a warning also to foreign students coming to study in the U.S. Watch out for certain groups of people. We all know what kind.

  2. Justice on the spot

  3. Police killed this piece of shit, sorry for the student and his family. Rip

  4. only cowards…use a gun…

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  6. Barney Schubert

    Fucking Niggers

  7. don’t be shooting the dam foreign students it makes us look ghetto a f.

  8. must be some dumb mothafuckas workin for the FBI

  9. UpSid3DwnKingd0m

    Fucking coward! RIP to the guy, prayers for the family

  10. the victims should sue the FBI

  11. It’s very sad!
    Totally different culture & people in America!
    Don’t start , work right from the beginning!
    Should learn to rules and regulations!!!!(I mean, when u came to notice, one person is ready to shoot, just hide …… not run!!!!)
    As a Indian person we are always grown up as innocent and dependable people!!!

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