Ghetto name costs young black woman employment opportunity at Mantality

Hermeisha Robinson denied a job because of her name.

Ghetto name costs black chick a job.

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ST. LOUIS — This week’s “I F*cked Up a Good Job Award” goes to Hermeisha Robinson who was recently denied a customer service position with Mantality Health because, get this: her name is too ghetto. Hermeisha, a young black woman in St. Louis, posted a complaint on Facebook after receiving a company rebuff via email that reads: “Unfortunately, we do not consider candidates that have suggestive ghetto names.” Hermeisha wasn’t alone. Dorneshia Zachery got the same vituperative letter.

Company officials, however, deny sending the notices — claiming their account was hacked.

“The company looked at my name and said we don’t care about what you’ve done in your life,” Dorneshia said. “Your name is going to dismiss you completely.” After reading Hermeisha’s and Dorneshia’s grievances, yours truly decided to vet the Equal Opportunity Act.

As crazy as it may sound, the company may have the right to repudiate an applicant based upon his or her moniker. That’s because ghetto names don’t fall under the following protected categories: age, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation and familial status.

So ladies, let Hermeisha’s and Dorneshia’s destitution serve as an mortifying example. Please refrain from giving your babies names that are arduous to pronounce or there’s a good chance they’ll end up impecunious, vagrant and ravenous. Now, Bye Felicia!

Um… I mean Hermeisha… er, Dorneshia… ah, you get the point.

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  1. Black women. these hood names y’all give your children will come back to haunt them!

  2. TheSistaWarrior

    That is why we indigenous must own our own corporations, companies, businesses so we can hire our own. Hacked… yeah right

  3. Actually there are white women out there name Tasha or Natasha #facts

  4. Uh huh…it is the ole “we got hacked” excuse again. Notice how they never say anything about strange suburban “white” names; Ranger, Hunter, Dusty, Ledger, Kace, Kashton, Banjo, Braxlee, etc

  5. It’s amazing the shit white people will say online but couldn’t be paid to say it in your face.

  6. that’s exactly what the black chick from the view said she would do. said she wouldn’t hire anyone with a ghetto name. lol.

  7. Well, that’s what happens when you name your kid(s) just anything.

  8. Chelsea Bella. Gallo

    Please stop with these cray names.
    I so cringe! When I hear those ghetto names.
    It’s not fair to your kids….

  9. Dolores Behrman

    lmao, the only thing ”outrageous” about this story is that these folks don’t know this goes on all the time….sorry, but those type names are going to hold you back…

  10. Panamanian Thing Scene

    See this is what happens when you put father,and mother’s name together when naming their children..This has been going on against black people…

  11. Why aren’t black women getting a damn clue in 2018. The nail salon beatings, swirler murders, media mocking you. The “ghetto” name thing has been around for decades still haven’t gotten a clue.

  12. hollywoodhair4u

    Does Raven Symone own that company 🤔

  13. Bigots were caught being bigots.
    I hope she sues that company into oblivion.

  14. Kellie Hickman

    Yeah, that company is definitely in serious trouble…and possibly Indeed as well. The company, because this is definitely discrimination and Indeed, because surely someone in their IT department saw this and should have taken action!

  15. Parents.
    Please stop with these cray names.
    I so cringe! When I hear those ghetto names.
    It’s not fair to your kids….

  16. Anything associated with black people will be regarded as ghetto. If black moms started naming their daughters Becky in droves they’d start throwing those resumes in the trash too. Tyrone is Irish in origin but gets a negative rep because of the group it’s associated with.

    That said, it’d be wise to give your kids vanilla white names, so long as the black community is dependant on white employers. They’ll still likely be turned away by bigoted employers once they show up, but at least they’ll be one step closer to getting hired.

  17. Another problem I’ve found are ghetto-azz voicemail greetings!!!! If a potential employer calls you about a job opening… they don’t want to hear Kieth Sweat singing, they don’t want to hear a long religious greeting, and they don’t need you to tell them to have a “blessed” day!!! Keep it simple!!!

  18. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha is my name..can you hire me??
    i love to laugh at ghetto names. 😆

  19. She needs to make 10 copies of that email, and RUN to an attorney. That is a six-figure lawsuit email.

  20. Slappy McKracken

    White people can also be held back by the names our parents decided to foist on us. Think about some of the Hippie names out there like “Starshine” or “Patchouli” for example. Some employers are going to imagine being stuck with a space cadet who smells like pot and does goofy shit that impedes their bottom line. Parents need to think about the society they live in and how their children’s names will serve or hold them back them in the future.

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