Chiefs Pro Bowl wideout Tyreek Hill had domestic violence charge expunged

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Tyreek Hill making most of second opportunity/

Tyreek Hill had charge expunged.

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STILLWATER — On Wednesday, inside a stuffy courtroom in Stillwater (Oklahoma), Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill had his 2014 domestic battery sentence expunged as all signs indicate he’s been a model citizen since the bloody ordeal of 4 years ago when a deranged Hill beat the snot out of his baby mama while she was pregnant with his baby. According to police reports, Hill choked the gravid damsel then punched her repeatedly on December 11, 2014.

Hill consequently pleaded guilty, served 3 years probation and now he can move forward. “I did something I shouldn’t have done,” Hill said. “I let my feelings take control of me.” Turns out, the misdeed cost him millions. The former Oklahoma State star has world class speed and first round talent.

But the domestic incident caused Hill to plummet to the 5th round of the 2016 NFL Draft. Rival executives, fans and media lambasted Chiefs officials for giving a so-called “woman beater” a job. However, the controversial move has paid immediate dividends for all involved.

Hill has become one of the NFL’s top receivers. His relationship with his baby mama has greatly improved. Hill is also paying child support, his kid’s doing well, and he’s a loyal contributor to the KC community.

Hate if you want.

But Hill took advantage of his second chance and he should be commended.

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  1. Kareem Hunt #Hunteezy #FROTY #goat

    Tyreek is going to be a top 3 receiver within the next two years

  2. sometimes a nigga gotta lay down his pimp hand and show a bitch who’s boss

  3. Fastest WR

  4. Brah me da dankest

    The most exciting player to watch hands down.

  5. I was against the chiefs drafting him because of the domestic shit but im glad they did

  6. Tyreek “Road Runner” Hill 🏃🏿💨💨💨

  7. Tyreek Hill is a monster

  8. mahomes arm and tyreeks legs gonna be a deadly combo

  9. Mahome’s future favorite target

  10. Now that Mahomes is his QB, he might just beat out Tom Brady for #1 in the Top 100 of 2019.

  11. Minecraftlando

    Patrick Mahomes and Tyreek is probably the greatest Duo in football, and Fortnite!

  12. Tyreek Hill has been a Great citizen , and has done all that was asked of him in the past 2 years ! He has, finished colledge, and worked to get a well paying job, and has proven to be one of the best in his field. And hasn’t done anyone harm. Does that not deserve credit.

  13. some women deserve to get that ass whupped

  14. Wouldn’t let a guy that beats up a pregnant chick play for our team

  15. man ain’t shit wrong with tyreek hill.. He still with that same girl so who are y’all to judge ??

  16. let him who is without sin cast the first stone 💯

  17. Tyreek hill is easily the fastest player in the NFL he faster than obj faster than Antonio brown and the rest of the NFL

  18. Nice to see a kid getting a second chance and making the most of it

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