Junkie mom pimps her autistic daughter, receives cocaine and cash in exchange

Renee Collins and William Thomas charged with multiple felonies.

Junkie mom lets thugs molest kid.

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COLUMBIA — The most disturbing news in recent memory comes from Columbia (Missouri) where 49-year-old Renee Collins is putrefying behind bars after police discovered she allowed drug dealers to have sex with her handicapped 14-year-old daughter in exchange for, get this: cash and cocaine. The middle-aged junkie now faces charges of first-degree child endangerment and second-degree trafficking. Her felonious boyfriend, 44-year-old William Thomas Jr, was also arrested. He’s charged with first-degree rape.

Thomas’ charge makes you wonder if he had sex with the kid. Keep in mind… the teenage daughter, who suffers from cerebral palsy, has the mental capacity of a 3-year-old. She also has autism, dons corrective leg braces, and she’s partially deaf. Yet, street pharmacists still wanted to bang her.


Mary Latham seeks justice/Fox 4 News.

JANITOR ACCUSED OF SEX CRIME: Mary Latham, a perturbed progenitor in Kansas City (Kansas), is pissed after learning her 4th grade daughter was allegedly fondled by a female custodian at Welborn Elementary. The repugnant matter is under investigation by the Wyandotte County District Attorney’s Office. “She was on her way back to class and the janitor, which is a woman, had grabbed her bottom,” Mary said. “When she turned around and looked at her, the janitor had smiled.” Compounding matters is the fact the custodian is still employed by the school district — forcing Mary to enroll her daughter into another institution. “I want them to take some action and take the janitor out of the school,” Mary said. Do you agree with her? Or, should the custodian be allowed to keep her job pending an investigation?

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  1. The most dangerous creature on Earth is the human

  2. People who do these things to the poor girls need to rot in hell. No one deserves this. 😭

  3. This will not go on forever. Jesus shall return. Amen!

  4. princess flower

    How can a mother do that to heir own daughter, those women should never have children because they’re only having children to sell them for money 😟

  5. This is sick

  6. Whitney Davenport

    I think one of the most difficult things for me personally in the aftermath of prolonged sexual abuse was trying to live in acknowledgement of the depravity and cruelty of the people who can do these kinds of things. Even 20 years later I think it is still one of the most difficult truths I live with everyday.

  7. Chester Cheetah

    suck fuckers….. hope they both rot in prison

  8. they should let the inmates rape both the mom and boyfriend

  9. poor child 🙁

  10. NeverNervousPervis

    dumb whore rot in the slammer

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