Blog King’s Crime Report: Rape victim bit suspect’s balls, abusive boyfriend killed

Steven Kelley shot dead by Chandra Nierman’s daughter.

Boyfriend gets smoked by teen.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

CHARLOTTE — Steven Kelley, 46, beat the hell out of his girlfriend — Chandra Nierman — the other day. But it won’t happen again. That’s because he’s six feet deep. To make a long story transient… Steve got smoked by Chandra’s 15-year-old daughter on August 8th in Charlotte, North Carolina, and all signs indicate it’s self-defense. According to sheriff deputy reports, a berserk Steve began strangling Chandra while threatening to kill her three children. That’s when the vigilant teen grabbed a single-action Colt .45-caliber revolver and opened fire — killing Steve instantly.

Turns out, the teen’s late father taught her and her siblings how to discharge a firearm in the event of an exigency. Dad’s weaponry tutorial certainly paid off. Steve’s woman-beating days are over. “The late father had taught the children how to shoot,” said District Attorney Ted Bell.

Word on the street claims the mother hid a bunch of guns throughout the home for protection amid consternation her boyfriend would one day try to snuff her out.


Steve’s expiry was sort of planned.

Spencer Franklin busted over sex crimes and burglary.

RAPE VICTIM BITES SUSPECT’S NUTS: Here’s a classic case of taking a bite out of crime (Drumroll, Cymbal)… 24-year-old Spencer Franklin, who’s from Lee’s Summit, faces a laundry list of felonious charges, including sodomy, assault, armed criminal action and burglary after he broke into a woman’s home in the 8000 block of East 88th Street on Thursday and sexually assaulted her. According to police reports, the somnolent victim woke up around 5:30 a.m. and noticed Franklin standing in her bedroom doorway with a knife. He then jumped on top of her and tried to spit game, at one point whispering, “it’s ok, I won’t hurt you.” Seconds later, Franklin coerced the woman to perform oral sex. But, rather than slob the knob, the mutinous damsel bit his nut sack — causing a bloody cascade that would ultimately solve the case. After squawking in pain, a hobbled Franklin then proceeded to stab the victim in her torso and thigh before effectuating a pusillanimous escape.

The woman limped to a neighbor’s residence and called 911.

Moments later, after Franklin got arrested, law enforcement officials had the victim identify her rapist through a police line-up. Didn’t take long. She immediately pointed at Franklin. Perhaps realizing they needed indisputable evidence to accompany the witness’ jeremiad, police secured a search warrant to probe Franklin’s genitals. That’s when they discovered teeth marks all over his bleeding testicles. 

Franklin has a lengthy criminal history.

So he’ll be lucky to get out by the time he’s 40.

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  1. young people are smart huh.

  2. Only in America 😆

  3. abusive boyfriend got what he deserved

  4. RamenNoodleEater04845

    damn she bit his nuts and he still had enough strength to stab her and run away? he’s a tough son of a gun

  5. my ex shot at me when I was in my car I hit the gas at the right moment and he shot on my back window.

  6. Simply Because

    WTF 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  7. Get Off Your Bass And Lets Fish

    😳 how is biting off someone’s balls self defense 😳😳😳😳😳

  8. I’m a girl but this even hurt me physically

  9. He oughtta be able to cut off one of her t*ts!!😡😡😠

  10. @Lisa Jordan: he broke into her house and put his balls in her face….. she had every right to bite the fucker

  11. paying Mapesos

    Oh my god,😁😁 shocking 😎😎😎

  12. Men who beat woman are worthless pussies

  13. The Nutcracker

    my balls hurt just reading this

  14. Cornbread, Earl & Me

    takes a lot of balls to ask a rape victim to give a blow job

  15. piece of shit boyfriend brought that on himself

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