Broken Heart Surgeon: STDs Gonorrhea, Chlamydia and Syphilis are on the rise

STD numbers rapidly increasin’ nationwide.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

OVERLAND PARK — Here’s the sex joke of the day: Every night, during the course of their 30 year marriage, an impotent husband turns off the lights before having sex with his nymphomaniac wife because his penis is apparently too diminutive to satisfy her. Rather than pop Viagra pills, the limp-dick bastard bamboozles his woman by jabbing a dildo into her vagina. One night, the wife grew suspicious and immediately flipped on the light switch. “Aha! I knew it,” she said. “Explain the dildo.” Realizing he was busted, the red-faced husband promptly looked into his wife’s pretty blue eyes and retorted: “Explain the kids.” — What’s up knuckleheads? It’s the world’s most handsome transcriber Blog King here with more media ejaculation on Mass Appeal’s wet ‘n wild platform. Now, to quote Salt-N-Pepa: “Let’s talk about sex!” 

Check this out: Renowned columnists Robert Glatter, MD and Bruce Y. Lee (not Kung Fu Bruce) just published a pair of amorous editorials in Forbes that reveal shocking information relative to the germination of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in America.

According to new data researched by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), a trio of STDs established new records in 2017: Gonorrhea, Chlamydia and Syphilis. And now we’ve learned all three can be transmitted orally. Ugh! That’s gross. Here’s the ghastly numbers:

1.7 million Chlamydia cases in 2017.

555,000 Gonorrhea cases in 2017.

30,000 Syphilis cases in 2017.

Again… each summation has achieved unprecedented levels, but that won’t last for long. 2018 figures to blow those numbers out the water. So, how can you tell if you’ve banged a chick with the cooties? It’s simple. Watch for the following trifecta of throbbing symptoms:

1) Your penis feels like it’s on fire when you take a piss.

2) You notice a mustard yellow or greenish discharge oozing from your dick-hole.


3) Your nuts become tumescent, reminiscent of the Pillsbury Doughboy.

Ok, let’s say you go down on a chickenhead and instantly develop an inflamed throat.

What should you do?

The answer: visit a doctor dumbass.

Like I said earlier, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia and Syphilis can be conveyed via oral sex. Many men assimilate diseases with their food and beverages and don’t know it.

Ok, I know what you’re thinking. How can you tell if a chick is unsanitary and/or insalubrious?

Well… for starters, if her coochie smells like City Fish, that’s obviously a red flag.

Secondly, if she pulls down her panties without mandating the effectuation of a condom, you should probably pass (contingent upon her education level of course).


Such an act typically means she’ll f*ck anybody without the protective use of plastic.

Think about it… if she does it with you, she did it with someone else.

Negro, what makes you so special?

And thirdly, if the damsel has a tooth missing or if her p*ssy feels like sandpaper, run for the hills. That’s some squalid nookie you don’t want.

That’s it for now. The social media sorcerer has to go.

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  1. In the United States, the same race exceeds the other races by a substantial margin in per capita cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, HIV and syphilis. Can you guess which one?

  2. These numbers also don’t include herpes which is the biggest STD out there.

  3. Everyone has oral herpes. I had oral herpes before I even knew what sex was

  4. Because tramps Don’t make their partner wear protection, so they can get knocked up and use their right to kill their unborn children.

  5. Blame rap and reggeton

  6. The dating app is killer …push a button and singles and qustionables are at your door…

  7. Recent government medical research & statistical data gathered from STD checks & Pap smear results show that 75% of married/attached women cheat regularly or occasionally. That’s 3 in every 4 women guys. A lot of guys are hearing from her ” Ive got a headache ” & ” I’m too tired ” etc etc the avoidance game, so the problem ” down there ” has time to clear up .
    Lots of dumb guys out there !

  8. Melania Trump, you better get tested.

  9. Billy Copeland

    It’s because people can consentually take advantage of each other all day. Back in the day you search but Friday night u do the whole menu. People nowadays talk on the phone for a few hours then bang it out

  10. The #1 cause of STDs is the fact that condoms suck, or so I hear I’ve never used one

  11. Lorraine Ricardo

    the real reason for the spread of STD , is that people just want to have sex with whoever ,, and they all know the consequences , but they think that it won’t happen to them ,or don’t think about it at all, like getting pregnant , etc

  12. Hook-up culture is to blame. If we valued marriage more it’d be less of an issue.

  13. Carlton Wilson

    LOL! Because the demographic that is dramatically more likely than any other to transmit STDs is endlessly and illogically glorified and celebrated by the liberal media/entertainment industry.
    Yes, the very same entertainment industry that includes elements of strong suggestive sexual content in every t.v. drama.
    Yes, the very same liberal media/entertainment industry the promotes homosexuality and transgenderism at every opportunity.
    Meanwhile, the FACT that this very specific demographic is in the throes of an HIV/AIDS, syphilis, herpes, gonorrhea, etc. epidemic is, like its crime epidemic, OMITTED FROM NEWS COVERAGE.
    WHICH DEMOGRAPHIC? The same one in which homosexuality and transgenderism is the most prevalent.
    HINT; This is the same demographic that commits more crime than any other….

  14. MORALS, MORALS, MORALS WHORES!!! How clear can it be scums…. you get what to earned fool!!!!

  15. hmm fascinating, I heard aids could go undetected 4 years .

  16. Booze,pills and women the downfall of mankind

  17. has anyone here actually read the statistics from the CDC site? I have…you all should too…blacks have an outrageous problem with STD , I mean, almost unbelievable…I thought this info could be on some racist site not the CDC website…it was that shocking

  18. courtney Haynes

    AND HALF THESE MFRS WILL STILL RAWDOG NASTY FEMALES..AND NOT EVN PULL OUT..IN RESULT??? MAKING A BURNING BABY😂😂😣😣😣😩😩 not fr tho…these dicks gone wild!!! Dnt care bout the repercussions

  19. Half of black women have stds, seriously look it up lmfao

  20. I bet my ex-wife has something to do with it

    it’s been years since I’ve seen her but I’m sure she’s on her millionth dick by now


  22. cool….. my ex-wife loves having unprotected sex with guys……. (including DURING our marriage)….. I hope she is a STATISTIC

  23. We have a society that glorifies sex outside of marriage and teaches people that anything is ok as long as they aren’t caught. We’re turning into the petri dish full of bacteria that ate itself. What exactly did we expect?

  24. Street Physician

    Memo to you racist assholes: STDs don’t give a shit about color. Whites, blacks and wetbacks are all infected. Wear a condom!

  25. The biggest myth about STD’s is that condoms will save you. They are almost useless because the infection cells are so tiny they can get through the latex or spread to the uncovered pubic area.

  26. Do not dip your wick in the ghetto and you shave your chances of getting STDs dramatically. The U.S. CDC has known this for years and not surprisingly they do not announce these numbers. Kind of like the FBI published NCVS.

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