Crazy boyfriend crawls through girlfriend’s bedroom window and commits murder

Stephanie Jones brutally murdered by Hakeem Tucker.

Psycho boyfriend facin’ prosecution.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

MILWAUKEE — Hakeem Tucker, the murderous imbecile responsible for killing Stephanie Jones, is finally standing trial more than a year after the bloody ordeal took place. Stephanie’s quietus went down in Milwaukee (Wisconsin) during the early morning hours of January 3, 2017. She was only 18. Hakeem, 20, was Stephanie’s abhorrent baby daddy. Word on the street claims he assaulted her regularly, stalked her daily, and made a Nino Brown habit of pointing guns at her. Hakeem also smacked Stephanie’s mother and tussled with her daddy. So dude obviously has a few screws loose.

Anyway, here’s what went down last year: After years of being treated like a punching bag, Stephanie finally built the gumption to break-up with Hakeem. But the deranged wretch refused to take “no” for an answer. Around 2 a.m., Hakeem infiltrated Stephanie’s house through the bedroom window.

Not sure why it wasn’t locked at 2 in the frickin’ morning, but it wasn’t.

Nevertheless, when Hakeem pushed himself through, he was instantly confronted by Stephanie’s 54-year-old father. As Hakeem reached for his gun, dad grabbed his scrawny ass and the two proceeded to scuffle. Stephanie then ran into the room and yelled, “Don’t shoot my daddy!”

But it was too late.

Hakeem somehow gained control of the gun, aimed it at dad, and shot him. Hakeem then turned around and fired a bullet into Stephanie’s torso. Amid all the ruckus, Stephanie’s mother grabbed the couple’s 2-year-old daughter and fled the premises believing Hakeem “intended to murder everyone in the home.” When police and paramedics arrived, both Stephanie and dad were expedited to a nearby medical facility.

Daddy survived.

Stephanie didn’t.

Three days later, Hakeem was arrested, booked and charged with first degree murder. During his detainment, however, Hakeem alertly grabbed a loaded pistol from the police squad car and pointed it at officers. He then yelled, “Shoot me, Shoot me!”

Rather than grant Hakeem’s suicidal request, an officer wrestled the weapon away and took his black ass to jail. While being interrogated, Hakeem asked officers if he could see Stephanie’s cadaver then cracked a sick joke about her death and started laughing.

In my opinion, Stephanie’s dad deserves some of the blame for this entire mess and I’ll elucidate why. Given Hakeem’s lengthy history of tyrannizing the family, dad should’ve smoked his ass a long time ago.

Here’s the chronology:

In November 2013, Hakeem confronted Stephanie’s mother in the kitchen because he wanted to know where Stephanie was. After receiving an unsatisfactory answer of “I don’t know,” an incensed Hakeem slapped Stephanie’s mother in the face then threw a television into the wall.

Where was dad?

In March 2015, Hakeem kidnapped Stephanie and their infant child for a week.

A frickin’ week!

Again, where was dad?

Then, of course, in January 2017, a jilted Hakeem snuck into the house, threw daddy to the floor, then pulled a Rambo.

That’s 4 years of household infliction and Stephanie’s dad didn’t do enough to suppress it.

Here’s what I would’ve done.

Let’s turn back the clock.

In November 2013, Hakeem slaps Blog King’s wife.

Blog King comes home, shoots Hakeem dead.

The end.

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  1. I hope the inmates shank him😠

  2. VMiguel Gonzales

    He deserved to be in jail for the rest of his life. Imagine him thinking and regretting what he did everyday until he dies. That’s better than killing this idiot.

  3. Probably broke up with him because she finally realized she was dating a psychopath.

  4. She’s gone, and will always be gone. There’s Nothing ANYONE can do to bring this precious, sweet, young, beautiful girl back to life

  5. This is why some girls fear getting out of a bad relationship.
    Poor beautiful girl RIP

  6. It’s so sad that you can’t even end a relationship without the fear of losing your life.

  7. This is terrible 😭😭

  8. Royell Wilkinson

    He needs to be executed

  9. Brianna Moreno

    why can’t these boys take no for an answer without trying to kill the girl?

  10. I hope that idiot rots in prison. Once the inmates find out about his crimes they will be much nicer to him than I would…😓.

  11. That’s why I’m single.

  12. He a bad person he going to hell

  13. I hope he drops the soap on his first day in prison

  14. Strawberry Sundae

    U sick fucker! Who kills the mother of their child and laughs about it. I hope the inmates shank ur ugly ass!

  15. Justice League

    this guy is a worthless turd

    lock him up & toss the key

  16. The girl’s dad was most likely locked up his self for domestic violence, destruction of property, teaching his kids how to do things that is not in Gods eyes, and on drugs his self-going crazy.d

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