Pastor Jasper Williams lambasted black community during Aretha’s memorial

Family of Aretha Franklin upset with Pastor Williams.

Rev. Williams rips black community.

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DETROIT — Where’s the R.E.S.P.E.C.T?While delivering the eulogy at Aretha Franklin’s funeral service on Friday, Rev. Jasper Williams went postal on the black community — pissing off Aretha’s four sons in the process. The Queen of Soul checked out on Aug. 16th amid complications from pancreatic cancer. She was 76. The service was held at Detroit’s Greater Grace Temple. Aretha’s family members are absolutely livid with Williams for using the memorial platform to promulgate a racist/sexist agenda.

First, Williams slammed ‘Black Lives Matter.’ Then he sunk his yellow teeth into the parental ineptitude of single black mothers. “If you choose to ask me today ‘do Black Lives Matter?’ let me answer like this: No, black lives do not matter,” said Williams during his controversial oration.

“Black lives will not matter. Black lives ought not matter. Black lives should not matter, black lives must not matter until black people start respecting black lives and stop killing ourselves, black lives can never matter.”

Moments later, Williams lamented solo parenting, saying: “A black woman cannot raise a black boy to be a man.” Williams also illuminated the paucity of black men residing in urban households.

“Right in your own neighborhoods, where your church is, there are struggling single moms, that don’t know what to do. [They] need a man in the house,” he said. “Through mentoring programs and parenting our children, we can turn black America around…”

Then, Williams wrapped things up by throwing Aretha in the mix.

“The Queen of Soul has spoken,” he said.

“Time for black America to come back home.”

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  1. I Agree with everything he said. It’s a black culture problem.

  2. Not appropriate for a eulogy but everything he said was very true!

  3. He’s right the truth hurts, but reality is worse!

  4. Anthony Williams

    As a young African American male that grew up with my father in the home…this sermon just seems like a conversation that a father would have with his son. I’m accustomed to this kind of correction and reproof. I guess that’s the difference in being raised with my father in the home.

  5. Theresa Rodriguez

    This pastor is so correct about raising children right & it starts in the home. The butterfly effect. Everything a person does in life touches other lives.

  6. I’m so proud of Dr. Jasper Williams for not just using that opportunity as a charismatic preaching moment but he used it to speak what most of us don’t wanna hear… THE TRUTH!!!!

  7. This pastor is the only one to bravely talk about the causes of the black race’s demise. We need to wake up Black people, I hope it’s not too late. Thank you sir for speaking the TRUTH.🌹😍

  8. The only thing ‘controversial’ about the Reverend’s speech is that it questions liberal ‘truths’ about single mother child rearing i.e. absent fathers is OK. He’s right about the urban black on black slaughter in that it hardly raises a media eyebrow. But let a cop shoot a black man who is carrying a gun and the mobs head to the streets. What’s wrong with this picture?

  9. Ok, I’m a black female who considered a millennial. What he said, from my perspective is 1000% true. It is. You can’t silence people for not speaking “SJW” talk. He’s keeping it real and this is the reality.

  10. Genesis Shabazz

    I agree with Jasper Williams.

    He is a real minister as opposed to preachers who tell people what they want to hear instead of what they need to hear….I do believe the Queen of Soul picked Jasper Williams because she wanted Black people to hear this message.

  11. consuelo askew

    I don’t know how someone can get mad at this guy [Pastor]. I agree with him allllllllllllll the way! From single moms trying to raise boys to men, black on black crimes to Respecting black lives..


  13. Since he is so called speaking truth. Why ain’t he calling out these FAKE ASS pastor’s that are screwing the member’s and stealing the money from the congregation?

  14. Right on Brother!!!

  15. The Bible says in the final days, good shall be considered bad and bad shall be considered good same with the truth. This man speaks truth and the brain dead masses just ain’t ready for it

  16. Cynthia Dickerson

    He said it, he meant it, and he is here to represent it. You go Pastor!

  17. Seems like her funeral was about everything else but her. Smh selfish mf’s

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