14-year-old Tyrone Harvin rapes, murders elderly 83-year-old woman in her home

Dorothy Mae Neal raped and murdered by Tyrone Harvin.

Baltimore teen rapes old lady.

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BALTIMORE — In a shocking development, Baltimore prosecutors are charging 14-year-old Tyrone Harvin with the fatal sexual assault of 83-year-old Dorothy Mae Neal. The deadly ordeal went down August 29th inside Dorothy’s home. Tyrone is being charged with first degree murder and rape in conjunction with another set of heinous offenses. Police spokesman T.J. Smith said, as a mandate of Maryland law, Tyrone will be charged as an adult. There is, however, a diminutive chance Tyrone will be treated as a juvenile as the case progresses.

According to court docs, Tyrone infiltrated Dorothy’s West Baltimore apartment and raped her. He also beat her to death. After arriving at the scene, police discovered an unresponsive Dorothy. The old lady was expedited to an area medical facility where she was later pronounced dead.

During the investigation, law enforcement officials speculated the assailant was a younger person. But, damn, the age difference between Tyrone and Dorothy is unprecedented.  “I don’t think any of us were thinking a 14-year-old could be capable of something like this,” Smith said.

Tyrone’s mother said her child is being wrongfully accused.

“I’m hurting because I know my son wouldn’t do nothing like this,” she said.

But forensics officers located physical evidence that links Tyrone to the crime.

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  1. That is one sick, young kid. No excuse can surmount the damage he did.

  2. If found guilty, I’d vote for Life without Parole.

  3. This punk needs to be castrated with a hatchet and locked up for a long, long, long time.

  4. I’d say get a rope but that’d be considered racist.

    Black Lives Matter…

    Castrate and let him bleed to death, he’s damaged goods and too far gone.

  5. Liberals will go spastic if he gets life in prison.

  6. Michael Bigalow

    Utterly repulsive. He should be tried as an adult.

  7. Let’s play guess the race?

  8. Lanie Williams

    Will Kaepernick take a knee for this woman?


  10. he’s 14 she’s 83

    fucked up on so many levels

  11. they need to bring back the death penalty in Maryland. im sorry but I dont care what age the person is, if a person does something as heinous as that that person deserves a death sentence. tyrone harvin must have a death sentence for this. this is absolutely insane.

  12. Super Mario Bros.

    I dont care that he’s young give him the chair

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