Killer cop shoots innocent man inside his residence, says she forgot her address

Amber Guyger shoots and kills Botham Shem Jean.

Dallas cop kills black resident.

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DALLAS — She resides on a different floor. Her household ambience is vastly dissimilar. Yet… Amber Guyger, a police officer in Dallas (Texas), smoked 26-year-old Botham Shem Jean inside his residence on Thursday, claming she mistakenly entered his shadowy apartment thinking it was her own. Damn, was she drunk or high? Amber swears she doesn’t know Botham personally and she said a key wasn’t necessary because the door was inexplicably ajar. When Botham approached her to find out why she’s inside his home, Amber assumed he was an intruder and shot him dead — sparking massive demurral and racially-sensitive inquiries.

Amber is white. Botham, a black man, is a naturalized U.S. citizen from the Caribbean island of St. Lucia. He’s also a college educated accountant and youth pastor.

Law enforcement officials had trouble trying to decipher how to proceed with the case given the bemusing circumstances. Amber was arrested and charged with manslaughter 3 days after the shooting. The trigger-happy damsel was initially put on paid administrative leave which pissed everybody off. “In any normal case where there’s probable cause . . . you make an arrest,” said Dallas civil rights attorney Lee Merritt.

“When law enforcement [is under investigation], for some reason, we don’t use the normal protocol in dealing with criminal activity.”

Amber, who was still in uniform, had just worked a shift when the calamity transpired. She told investigators Botham ignored her behest to freeze, forcing her to fire 2 shots. As a bloodied Botham fought for his life, Amber called the paramedics. But resuscitation efforts obviously failed.

Botham was pronounced dead at an area hospital.

There is, however, a twist to the story. Merritt said witnesses told the district attorney’s office they heard a woman banging on Botham’s door saying, “let me in!”

Hmm… does Amber know Botham?

Was there a relationship of some kind?

Also, Botham had a red door mat outside his apartment.

Why didn’t Amber see it?

Should she be charged with murder?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. How do you mistake someone else’s apartment for your own without being drunk? Was she given an alcohol test?

  2. I’m surprised she didn’t say smoke came out of his nose, eyes turned red and he briefly transitioned into a monster. They love to demonize victims. Now it’s his fault because he left his door unlocked? How about it was her fault entering the wrong apartment!

  3. Derrick Bennett

    If the door was locked , she would have never been able to enter the apartment without someone un locking door from the inside side. If the door wasn’t locked she entered the wrong apartment and see how this can happen… the shooting was a big mis-fortune wrongful death no jail time but someone has got to pay ..but no amount of money big or small will undo the death

  4. Are you telling me he is in this own home with all the lights out,and the door unlocked? God help us

  5. It is sad the police continue to shoot and kill the Israelites (God’s chosen people/The Negroes) and try to justify their shooting by lying. The Negroes are the “apple of his eye” and he is going to get revenge on all nations they do harm to his chosen people. The police dept better wake up and realize who they are shooting.

  6. Content seekers

    She’s a murderer! Straight to the chair 🐷💉☠️ why did she take off ! Why did she take off from the crime scene? Why did they let her out on bail ? … a pig is a Pig!! She a Crackhead

  7. Patsy Hairston

    she could of called 911 an not entered apartment she said she parked on fourth floor when she lived on third she knew where she was9

  8. James Phillips

    This is the rodney king moment of our generation.

  9. This doesn’t even seem real. The wrong floor , the wrong apartment. He had a red door mat. This is what are the most bizarre stories I’ve ever heard. She needs to come clean and get it over with. Somebody died here.

  10. O nooo…..this is a lie we all know it how can this cop lie aren’t we supposed to trust the police??? With this lady just makes it difficult to trust them smh….I hope that she gets what she deserves please justice for this young man


  12. Tobias Orion *rFitz*

    The S|ut MURDERED Good Botham! An Assassination!

  13. And this is why Colin Kaepernick is doing what he’s doing… But everybody wants to deflect and think this is about the flag and the military…

  14. WTF!! Lock her up for life.

  15. I don’t care if the door was left wide open! Still doesn’t give her the right to shoot to kill ! She went to HIS APARTMENT UNANNOUNCED!!!! THIS IS SOME BS🤬

  16. This is why #7 is doing what he is doing! I stand with Kaepernick

  17. How can you walk in the front door of a home/apt and not recognize you’re in the wrong place at first glance? Even if it was dark inside and the front door was open, it doesn’t make any sense that her instinct was to shoot the first person she encountered. Either there is more to this (like a relationship) or this woman is totally incompetent and never should have been a cop in the first place.
    This is another example that there needs to be better psychological/aptitude screening of police candidates and much better/longer training before they are given a gun and a costume.

  18. She thought it was her apt HUH…HUH ???

  19. You are going to believe her? I am white! Of course, he left his door OPEN………sure he did.

  20. That was not an accident, THAT WAS NOT AN ACCIDENT, they are hunting black people and not facing repercussions!

  21. The real story.. officer has relationship with victim things go sour argument follows. She kills him…Hence the walking into the wrong apartment story.

  22. Adventures with Dogs

    If she is being truthful, which I very much doubt, then she had to have been under the influence. I’ll buy the mistake part, simply because I can’t prove otherwise. But come on- she had to go to the door to realize she was in the wrong apartment? I don’t usually swear, but this is just bullshit. I’m not a cop-basher or anything, but this woman needs to go to jail for a very long time. If and when she is released, she must never again have the right to own a firearm.

  23. Sultan Al Hadidi

    She killed him there’s probably something between both of them!!!!! There’s something not right …. she deserve jail for life

  24. Chyna_Von_the_Vet

    Ok sooo she knew how to leave the job and find her car correctly she knew how to drive home… Lawd forbid that she had to stop or go through a traffic light. Just to be sooo incoherent when she get to the garage and still drive through garage to find a parking spot manage to make it up to an apartment that was not her but still soooo incoherent that never notice that wasn’t her place and shoot to kill… Sooo after that did she wake up then… Because she still never render aid… This is amazing I speechless… Father plz just keep me protect… From all evil because it’s bout to get worse

  25. HOW can she NOT Know which is her Damn Apartment???!!! WTF!!!! LOCK HER BUTT UP!!! That is MURDER!!!! This is OUTRAGEOUS!!!

  26. It’s outrageous that Guyger is out on bail. She’s a trigger happy lunatic. She’s a danger to EVERYONE else in that apartment complex.

  27. Why do they keep saying she accidentally went to the wrong apartment there many signs that’s that not her apartment . She broke into that young man’s home let’s stop sugar coating it

  28. 1. She was on the wrong floor
    2. She was at the wrong apartment
    3. She didn’t notice that red door mat in front of the door
    4. She used a key fob though the door was partially open as per the affidavit
    5. She saw an intruder though it was apparently pitch dark
    6. She didn’t turn on the lights entering her home
    7. She identified herself to a man who worked at Pricewaterhouse Cooper as an officer of the law & he DIDN’T follow commands risking at LEAST a possible detainment and his job
    8. Why was the gun the first thing she used?
    9. How does an officer of 4 YEARS NOT recognize WHERE she is?

  29. There is absolutely nothing a Black person can do in order to not get murdered by police😔 I’m not buying the “I thought it was my apt”. There’s a big a** Red mat🤔 Did she think she bought a red mat all of a sudden🤔 She’s a murderer and should be treated as such!!!

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