Suicidal gunman Javier Casarez murders Maribel Casarez and four other victims

Javier Casarez murders ex-wife Maribel Casarez and 4 others.

Hispanic gunman extracts revenge.

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BAKERSFIELD — The west coast is buzzin’ over 54-year-old Javier Casarez who went Rambo the other day with a .50-caliber handgun — extirpating 5 people before blowing his own brains out. Here’s what went down: Javier began the massacre by smoking ex-wife Maribel Casarez and a dude at a trucking company in Bakersfield, California. Seconds later, he chased down another man and popped a cap in his ass. Then, Javier got in his truck and drove to another dude’s house where he let his gat explode — killing a father and his daughter.

That’s a quintet of homicides within a 40-minute span. As deputies closed in to effectuate an arrest, a suicidal Javier gave himself a dirt nap. Word on the street claims Javier was convinced Maribel cheated on him. He reportedly targeted the men he believed slept with her.

The recently divorced couple had a child support hearing scheduled for October 11th.

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  1. jimmy whitelaw

    The guys wife was cheating on him (they were both truck drivers husband and wife) they worked at t&t , where he shot and killed one of her sides , a by stander and his wife , he then went to the other guys house who also cheated with his wife and he took him down as well as the daughter who tried to intervene. 3 cheaters , two bystanders , and one crazy broken man.

  2. Suucckkkk what’s wrong in this world…
    R.I.P all victims poor kids😔

  3. Gypsy Bankrollz

    Sounds like some cheating was going on…. still doesn’t justify murder

  4. He caught his wife cheating, and decided to serve her, and others who wronged him, up to God.

  5. Kenneth G Maiden

    Can’t stop evil. Lets face it, humans suck!

  6. So sad!😳What could possibly drive a person to shoot 5 people!?!

  7. Horrible

  8. that mexican nigga snapped

  9. Madman Santana

    no bitch is worth dyin 4

  10. greaser burrito

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