The Bobby Brown Story held nothin’ back, cocaine and sex did irreparable damage

The Bobby Brown Story reveals ghastly truths.

BET’s Bobby Brown Story off the chain.

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ATLANTA — Got a chance to observe BET’s “The Bobby Brown Story” starring Woody McClain the other night and, hate to say it but, Bobby’s life is jacked up. Prior to watching the mini-series, many of us had no idea the “Don’t Be Cruel” singer banged Janet Jackson’s boujee ass. We also found it unfathomable that Whitney Houston got Bobby addicted to cocaine. For years, we assumed it was the other way around. Then there’s the issue of sex. Like many preeminent celebrities, Bobby had difficulty controlling his penis.

For instance… while recording music for the Ghostbusters 2 soundtrack, an inebriated Bobby banged his backup singers on the set as his managers watched in merriment. Not in a hotel room. Not in a restroom. On the set! Bobby also impregnated Whitney and his baby mama simultaneously.

As much as many of us enjoyed the biopic, not everybody’s a fan.

Bobby’s sister — Leolah Brown Muhammad — slammed her brother’s current wife, Alicia Etheredge-Brown on Facebook. “THE FAKEST MOVIE I EVER SEEN!” Leolah wrote. “THAT IS NOT ALICIA! PALEEEEEEEEEZ! SPARE ME THAT LAUGH! SUCH A LIAR! I’M WONDERING WHAT IS THE MOTIVE FOR ALL THIS? I READ WELL THOUGH…AND TRUST I’M NOT DUMB!”


Janet also slammed the movie, claiming Bobby exaggerated the truth relative to them sleeping together.

If you haven’t watched the series, it’s currently available via OnDemand. There is, however, a caveat. You better get used to hearing these 3 words: “Bobby, I’m pregnant.” Because that’s half the movie. The other half is comprised of contractual squabbling between Bobby and his management team.

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  1. I just got done watching it made me cry

  2. Biyonee Chantè

    Honestly i feel like it was fucked up for bobby to PHYSICALLY leave Whitney because of her habit. …because if u think of it, like reallllly think about it. His ass had kids on her, affairs and was abusive to her and she still stayed. I just felt like he owed it to her to stay with her because she would’ve NEVER Made the choice to leave him. She was FORCED to divorce him. Because HE left her. My heart actually breaks for her.

  3. Jackie Schultz

    I loved this movie!

  4. I really can say he’s the king of r&b. his story can have a good impact on other people life. I wish Bobby the best

  5. Brekiyah Grace

    I don’t care what anybody say Woody McClain Is FINE!😍

  6. bobbi has been blessed he has been ostrasized humiliated took the heat of turning Whitney out and he is the only one left that knows the story and can tell it…i see that he has had the utmost respect for this story of his life. however imperfect he never freely damned anyone of The Houstons..just let him live

  7. I love Bobby Brown and he was the shit when he was the shit and nobody else was #KingofPop&R&B

  8. Get Out Of Your Way

    Bobby Brown was a wild one back in the days.
    He was definitely about all of that life. I had the biggest crush on him when I was younger. I used to sit his album on the dresser and swore he was watching me.
    To me he was all of that and some back in the days.

  9. I’m so mad they got somebody mama to play Whitney at a time when she should have been in her mid 20’s 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ this lady is clearly in her 40’s

  10. Bobby and Whitney weren’t right for each other. For years, people blamed Bobby for her drug addiction when in fact, she was the one who got him hooked on drugs. It’s a real sad story.

  11. The Guy that playing Bobby Brown movie is hot


    I love the fact Bobby Brown telling his story but I hate we never got Whitney side. I hope more artist tell there story while there alive instead of people speculating

  13. Lashone Barkum

    I respect bobby as an artist. But this story made me look at him totally different and truly respect him as a man… #respect

  14. This shit was heavy man. Such good actors even Whitney surprised me forget the look the acting is perfect

  15. Bobby Kristina never had a chance 😢😢poor baby

  16. Bobby was the baddest SOB back in the day. Shiiiiit! I thought I was Bobby. Had the Gumby and all that. 😂😂😂

  17. Poolduck00 aka Miphimi

    Everyone has their story…this is his truth and he shared a lot of personal info and how everything is lined up and going back in his old interviews and videos, I believe that he was telling his truth…sleeping with Janet is not far fetched at all considering they were in the same circle musically, same producers, labels and not to mention, Bobby has receipts..he has family, friends, and other associates that are vouching for the relationship, plus he does not need to lie to get cool points about a relationship with Janet…even his current wife knew about the affair back in the days…so why lie about that when sooo much other personal, hurtful, shaming, and sad things about his life was admitted…Now we all saw Whitneys behavior…even in her bio and Im glad Bobby got to share his side…now as far as his wife Alicia…Idk much about this lady but she took on some serious baggage and seemed to love him thru it all, married him and gave him 3 kids. She has her own money and he didnt have much when they got together so im not sure where the negative comes from but whatever…Bobby told his story and seems to be happy so considering all he has went thru, thats good enough for me

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