Kansas City Mayor candidates share their perspectives relative to civic change

Nine candidates seeking to become Kansas City Mayor/KCUR.org

KC Mayor race under spotlight.

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KANSAS CITY — During Wednesday night’s symposium, nine candidates for Kansas City’s mayoral seat made themselves sedentary for the first time to explicate a myriad of municipal issues — most notably crime, tax incentives, infrastructure mandates and budget restraints specific to the billion dollar KCI terminal project. The upcoming election, needless to say, is huge given the fact Mayor Sly James has exhausted his eligibility and can’t run again. That’s right! In KCMO, two terms is all you get. A year from now there’ll be a new Sheriff in town and it’s imperative voters get it right. The 9 mayoral candidates on the impending ballot are: Rita Berry, Alissia Canady, Quinton Lucas, Jermaine Reed, Scott Taylor, Scott Wagner, Jason Kander, Phil Glynn and Steven Miller.

In case you didn’t know, a trio of candidates come from the private sector while the remaining sextet touts public service expertise. Keep in mind… Canady, Lucas, Reed, Taylor and Wagner are city council members. Kander once served as Missouri’s Secretary of State.

Berry was the General Manager at Kansas City radio station KGGN 890 AM

Ok, back to the forum…

Residents who attended articulated mixed reactions to candidate responses on alleviating miscreant activity. Kansas City is again on pace to exceed 100 homicides for the calendar year.

Negroes are dying like hotcakes.

“I didn’t really hear a plan,” said Sharron Pettiford who resides in South KC. “No one actually addressed the murder rate or gave a viable solution, a sustainable solution. I didn’t really hear that.”

Um, Sharron… that’s because there is no plan to suppress crime.

If it existed, it would’ve been implemented by now.

Look, civic objectives for politicians and/or bureaucrats typically consist of enticing new commerce and concocting employment opportunities because theoretically more jobs are supposed to deter thugs from robbing you and me at gunpoint, or snatching women’s purses.

In other words… if malcontents are busy working, they shouldn’t feel the urge to steal and kill, right? The problem, however, is that too many people have been bamboozled into believing they’re victims. That’s what happens when you listen to manipulators like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

It’s a torpid, apathetic demographic that blames municipalities for everything instead of picking up trash in their front yards, cutting their grass, sweeping the sidewalk, painting the exterior walls of their homes and reading to their children. We’ve discussed this topic before.

African-Americans are frequent 911 dialers.

Yet, you have a vocal minority of blacks who’ve made a habit of protesting police.

Not smart.

Either you support law enforcement or you don’t.

Hell, if I was a cop on patrol and received an emergency dispatch to respond to the hood, I’d take my sweet time. There’d certainly be no rush to rescue a boycotting populace.

Sorry Sharron.

But the lone remedy entails people getting off their keysters and eschewing handouts.

The key is to take pride in where you live.

The modus operandi of elected officials has nothing to do with that.

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  1. I am a cashier working at a gas station.
    Black person comes in, “hello how are you doing”
    Ghetto people, “I wonder if they will steal or try and rob the store.

  2. not sure i am gonna vote….. all 9 of them are probably liars

  3. shontez montgomery

    It’s weird how black people tell the black youth to stay educated and knowledge is the key yet when some do our own people say were acting white it’s sickening

  4. The_other_black_guy

    “Slavery is not an excuse anymore “

  5. unfortunately the ghetto culture is spreading and even being praised in the hollywood, music, tv shows, etc. It is such a shame. It is probably planned by the elite

  6. Alfonse Capone

    I agree with everything you said on here bro.

  7. We need people like you out there talking at events, schools etc

  8. Some folks need to stay in the Ghettos, you don’t want thugs and Dope pushers in a good community, they’ll just mess it up.

  9. This isn’t just the black community, it’s all races. I️ cannot stand this same mentality in my Hispanic community.

  10. J. Reed got my vote!

  11. Culture… These kids need a father figure, I guarantee you close to 100% of the people that commit these awful homicides grew up in a home with a single mother who had more that just one kid. Once the culture is tweaked, the people are changed.

  12. black women are the problem!

  13. Popcorn & Skittles

    dont care who wins as long as he’s white

    we dont need another black mayor right now

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