Two Ebony chicks arrested after vending ‘marijuana edibles’ on church property

Ebony and Leah sold weed edibles on church property.

Two Chicks busted sellin’ weed snacks.

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SAVANNAH — In a risible development, 28-year-old Ebony Cooper and 26-year-old Leah Pressley were both arrested for, get this: vending marijuana edibles on church property. Their reason? They wanted to get church members high on the Lord. Can I get an AMEN? When the choir sang “Lord lift us up where we belong,” Ebony and Leah took that message to heart. The aforementioned arrests took place during a church expo last Friday in Savannah, Georgia. It was a nice turn out. Some merchants peddled books. Others marketed apparel. Ebony and Leah said ‘screw it,’ let’s get everybody lit.

So, how did they get caught? Federal agents were somehow tipped off and effectuated a series of purchases while shopping undercover. Ebony and Leah had everything in inventory from weed cakes to marijuana gummy bears. Agents also found $1,000 in cash and a loaded gun.

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  1. At church omg I can’t take it

  2. What’s the problem? I been buying trees from the church for years

  3. Cindy Lovelace

    at church???? why?????

  4. Michael Irving

    Lol they both got that 1993 T Boz hair due

  5. Super disrespecting God! Period.

  6. Sister Jefferson & Sister Jinkins on the sick & shut in list was hatin😭😭😭😂😂😂😭😭😭

  7. Herbs is the healing of the nation

  8. Larisa Pearson

    People just don’t care anymore

  9. Plenty of people in the church smoke pot!! In order for them to even feel comfortable doing it, they had to have known or sold pot to people in the church before! Doesn’t shock me at all!

  10. Cheech & Chong

    puff puff pass

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