Transgender warehouse worker goes off, extirpates three then shoots herself dead

Snochia Moseley went postal at her job, killing three.

Transgender chick murdered workers.

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BALTIMORE — Snochia Moseley was a dissatisfied transgender temp worker at a Rite Aid Distribution Center near Baltimore, Maryland. Amid reports she wrangled with rival co-workers, Snochia vacated the warehouse Thursday morning, came back with a 9mm glock pistol, then opened fire — extirpating a trio of innocent employees before blowing her own brains out. Three others were also injured. Given the fact she (or he) doesn’t fit the profile of a random shooter, what caused Snochia, a 26-year-old black woman (or man), to go off the deep edge?

Nobody knows, including retired FBI supervisory special agent James Gagliano who was expeditious to remind everybody white men are our nation’s most perennial mass murderers. He certainly has the stats to prove it. Check this out: From the year(s) 2000 to 2013, America has experienced 160 mass shootings.

However, only a sextet of those adroit crimes were effectuated by women.

Percentage-wise, we’re talking a ratio of 94% for men to 6% for dames?

Why the prodigious discrepancy?

Starts with genes.

“Men have historically been endowed greater physical strength and traditionally have served as the protectors of their family units,” Gagliano said. “This natural need to confront threats may have inadvertently contributed to the evolution of a more aggressive nature.”

As previously mentioned, Snochia is a black tranny. But, for the purpose of a crime scene exploration, should she be classified as a man or woman? Still, race-wise, gender-wise, the stereotype doesn’t fit.

Was Snochia nuts?

Answer: Yes, the suicidal he-she was diagnosed with a mental malady two years ago.

Her gun, however, was legally registered.

Did something minatory transpire behind closed doors?

Answer: Not sure.

Investigators did, however, probe Snochia’s Facebook profile where they found the retaliatory biblical passage: “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” Snochia’s co-workers told police she (or he) was “a nice person” who often showed up at work in a “bad mood.” 

Family and friends told reporters Snochia became “increasingly agitated” in recent weeks and that they were “concerned for her well-being.” Speaking of stereotypes, it’s certainly not uncommon for black women to harbor a “bad mood.” 

But we can’t recall too many instances where they let their gat explode on the job.

The math simply doesn’t add up.

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  1. Kaan Tekin-Sari

    It was a trans woman who killed those people

  2. The shooter was a black trany so the story will disappear tomorrow.

  3. What, with all the strict gun laws? A black racist female, couldn’t be, she didin du nuffin, right??? And what is a Snochia anyways, a new drink at Starbucks or brand of Nike slave labor shoes?

  4. The shooter was a white transgender in black face. So basically its another white man doing mass shooting. What a surprise🙄

  5. Mosely was transgender and had talked about recieving hormone therapy. It is unclear if Mosely preferred masculine or feminine pronouns.

  6. Is she a trump supporter?

  7. Olive Locutions

    White shooter= Mass shooting, terrorist attack, hate crime. Jewish= claim he is White and run with it. Make sure photo is prominently displayed and story stays alive as long as possible. Non White or Muslim shoots all or mostly Whites= Work place violence or police still trying to figure out a motive.

  8. She looks like a guy.

  9. A Tranny on psych meds shoots up the place and you’re looking for answers?

  10. DAMN, they mustve shorted her paycheck

  11. Po lil black child. They prolly tease her fo being black and gay. Iss not her fault.

  12. diagnosed in 2016 with mental illness. how did she get gun? 33,000 gun laws, workin real good….

  13. I bet they was messing with her about being gay/ transgender..africans hate gays..they burn and beat them..tht was one of the first person she popped

  14. Wow! She completely snapped.

  15. She snapped because she wasnt given a trophy for coming out of the closet…R.I.P to the victims….

  16. memyself andgod

    so no one is questioning who she killed??? and the news is not telling us either, sup with that?

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