Bill Cosby faces less than 10 years of imprisonment following vexed deal

Cosby faces less than 10 years of imprisonment.

Cosby catches an enormous break.

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NORRISTOWN — Bill Cosby, you slick rascal you. In what may go down as the most outré sentencing ever, Cosby’s now looking at less than 10 years of imprisonment after prosecutors and defense attorneys struck a deal on Monday to amalgamate his three counts of aggravated indecent assault into a solitary conviction. Hell, he may get as little as 3 years. Cosby, if you recall, was originally on the hook for 30 years after a jury determined he had drugged and sexually assaulted Andrea Constand in 2004.

To no avail, prosecutors asked the judge to mandate a more punitive kismet — claiming Cosby has shown “no remorse” for his vile actions. Nevertheless, Cosby is now Inmate No. NN7687 at SCI Phoenix.

“This is about a person who put himself in a situation of being a mentor, but we know he had other intentions just from the beginning,” said District Attorney Kevin Steele. “We know that from the statements he made. What he saw in Andrea the first time he laid eyes on her. What his plan was. To get to the point they were going to get to. And that didn’t involve consent.”

Conversely, Cosby’s lawyer, Joseph P. Green, lobbied the court for house arrest — citing Cosby’s elderly age and paucity of eyesight. “Mr. Cosby is not dangerous,” Green said. “Eighty-one-year-old blind men who are not self-sufficient are not a danger, unless perhaps to themselves.”

Roughly 60 women have accused Cosby of sexual misconduct.

But law enforcement officials couldn’t secure forensic evidence.

Do you agree with the 3 to 10 year sentence in state prison?

Should Cosby be registered as a ‘sexually violent predator?’

Share your thoughts below.


  1. As black people why do we insist on tearing our people down in the media ,an believing in the system when we of all people know that it’s corrupted. Think about this.. now why would 60 women have the same mind state to not contact authorities When these assaults happen? But now everybody has the same mind state to come forward with their stories at the same time as victims??? makes no sense to me.

  2. Imagine having that ugly, stinking beast on top of you??!!!!

  3. Abraham Sampson

    So…while Bill is the poster child of this “metoo” movement, Trump admittedly fingered how many women and got away with it?

  4. Bill is gonna get his pudding popped, and his salad tossed, while fat Albert eats his jello, then they’ll all kick back and have a coke and a smile … hey hey hey

  5. Mitchiko Parrish

    There are old and disabled men in prision. I didn’t think those factured into sentancing. Besides they are still arresting SS men who committed war crimes during the reign of Hitler.

  6. ζαρα Ιωάννα

    His age and health should not be taken into consideration at sentencing, no one else in his position would be given this leniency. It’s very hard to look at this man and see a monster, but he’s no different to any other rapist and abuser. He totally abused his position, he knew he was adored and trusted by the masses due to his television persona, he played that to his advantage to lure females into a false sense of security. I honestly believe if the public had their say they’d want to see Bill Crosby, the man who has abused over 60 females serve time in a state prison

  7. Age is just a number, that 96 year old guy who was a book keeper for the holocaust was convicted & he personally didn’t kill anyone but he was part of it.. bill actually did something & that sicko belongs in jail Idgaf if he’s 81

  8. Off to Jail Little Bill your boyfriend is waiting

  9. Connie Bilello


  10. 5-10 years yep for rape but my friend got caught with a gun for the second time and he’s doing 5 years I know someone violated their probation and doing 3 years what a great justice system

  11. All men who think women are easy & simple & cute & forgiving , take a note, a women never forget anything and might come after you, after your pension time even. Be careful guy’s. You don’t play with fire . In life Women are like fire. You can’t be without fire , & and you can’t be with fire . You use fire and deal with fire carefully. Take a note guy’s , Just don’t play with Fire . Haha

  12. When do the riots begin?

  13. How the hell did they get into his house?

  14. Terraine Hicks

    It’s funny after his arrest all of a sudden he’s blind and senile …. really bill 😂😂

  15. It’s obvious it was a set up. I wonder who was behind this and why.

  16. Derrick Harrison

    Why these women took the pills,why u at his house and his wife not around. Why wait 20 to 30 years to come forward. It like u break in my house wait 20 years. Then say u did it after 30 year. Put them women on Steve wilkos show let c. Did these women take a lie detector test. Show me that.

  17. Plenty of puddin for him to zippity bop now!

  18. Sounds nice hope they serve jello he loves jello

  19. The proof is in the pudding !

  20. he gonna be out in 2 years with good behavior.

  21. Chances are he will die in prison. His legacy is in ruins and every good thing he has ever done is now forgotten about. He’s definitely paying for his sins, as he deserves to.

  22. Only 3 to 10 years ? It should be life .. he ruined and traumatized many lives he shouldnt have a chance to live outside of prison before dying

  23. They lock up Bill Cosby at the age of 80, then Carolyn Byant Donham should be in jail at the age of 83 for being an accessory to murder for having Emmit Till killed and CONFESSING in 2017😡😡

  24. White women love to falsely accuse black men of rape. It’s a historical fact.

  25. Now the inmates are gonna get raped

  26. Prophecy Jackson

    SorryAss lying bitches

  27. kermit anderson

    Pudding pops going in his ass 😆

  28. Two words. No Evidence. This man was convicted with no evidence by former mistresses and liars on testimony alone. This is the worst atrocity of the justice system and public court and opinion I have ever witnessed. Nobody looked at these women’s backgrounds/past and just accepted accusations as facts with no research whatsoever. America should be ashamed of itself for this. The narrative to tell a rumor snowballed into a campaign to destroy a legend who inspired countless young black people to drive to be great, only taking positive acting roles, portraying successful and positive black imagery, encouraging black people to take pride in who they are and achieve greatness. Don’t forget who this man was.

  29. bill got fucked big time

  30. Larvitar Dratini

    So the black one gets time in prison while the white ones get house arrest/supreme Court/ oval office….. Wowwwww

  31. Political Agenda

    But I thought black men were always over sentenced on purpose??? 3-10 years for multiple rapes? Wow

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