Racist killer stabs elderly negro to death, believes blacks should be exterminated

James Jackson says black people should be destroyed.

Racist stabber loathes blacks.

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NEW YORK — James Jackson, the 30-year-old White supremacist with an urban moniker, is putrefying behind bars after he rendered police a videotaped confession that shows him gloating about killing 66-year-old Timothy Caughman because, get this: he’s sick of black men dating white women. Also, if purveyed the fortuity, James plans to “exterminate” more Negroes in the future. “I think we should preserve the best people and get rid of all the dead weight,” James said in the video.

“In my opinion, blacks are inferior people.”

“I think they need to be exterminated.”

Damn… James said ‘exterminate,’ a non-anthropomorphic term used for rats and cockroaches. So, what led to his avowal? Well, on March 20, 2017, James traveled from Baltimore to New York with execrable aspirations of concocting a melanin killing spree. He planned on murdering at least 15 blacks.

When he arrived, James immediately noticed a Jungle Fever pandemic and became lethally incensed. “It just seemed like I was seeing interracial couples everywhere,” said James, a U.S. army veteran.

“It was really demoralizing to me. This is the new way and we can’t restore what we had 50 years ago.”

Tim, who’s homeless, was alone stockpiling bottles for recycling when James snuck up, pulled out a 26-inch bayonet and stabbed him multiple times from behind. The sanguinary elder staggered to a nearby police station but resuscitation efforts failed. Tim was pronounced dead at an area hospital.

James said he preferred to kill “a young thug” who leads white girls down the wrong path or a “successful black man” with a blonde on his arm. Instead, he used Tim as “a practice run.”

James said he’s hated black men for more than a decade.

Very sad story.

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  1. Where are the “All lives matter” people at now.

  2. Beethovens Laguerre

    Cowards!!!!.they always go after the one who can’t protect themselves

  3. Wow, so you have weapon, you go after a older guy and you still have to wait until his back is turned. lmao weakest dude ever

  4. Daemon Blackfyre

    Sounds about white.


  6. white men have a long history of thug behavior bombing churches attacks on women and children

  7. how he didn’t like black people lol when his name James Jackson????? lol

  8. Nat Turner’s Revenge

    White folks invented racism #NeverForget

  9. Now where are the leaders of the white community? WHy haven’t they denounced this terrorist’s actions?


  11. What was Trump’s response to this?

  12. Michael Banionis

    I’ve never understood why people hate each other because of skin color we are all human

  13. The Hellfire Club!

    White terrorism has been happening for decades but the media are hellbent in denying that white Supremacist are not terrorists. Seriously white Supremacist’s are just as bad as ISIS.

  14. BunniesForSale

    It’s not even like this is the first act of radical white terrorism. They’ve been terrorizing US citizens for centuries, it’s just that no one cared about the people that were being terrorized. My piece of shit boss actually told me that physical attacks is where he draws the line. So Hostile work environment, unfair labor practices, attempted battery, micro-aggression, elimination of safe spaces, misoginism, racism, xenophobic cognitive dissonance crystallizing hate was all fair game to him, but the physical attacks, well that’s where he draws the line. Because who ever heard of someone physically attacking someone they hate at work. That just never happens.

  15. DEATH PENALTY NOW! This man knew better. He was raised properly but had so much hatred. He blamed interracial couples for his downfall in life. He took a good, innocent man’s life at random because he felt like it. It sickens me to think we’re discussing life in prison. What for? He gets to live out his days at taxpayer expense?No, let’s put him out of his evil, racist misery. What he did is just plain wrong – BOTHERING INNOCENT PEOPLE!

  16. Little white boys are so insecure…

    But why, though? Aren’t they the “master race?” I mean, they wouldn’t have lied about that, right?

  17. wow he really looks like a Nazi

  18. Racist white men have inferiority complexes and project their guilt as hate.

  19. im a poor white man and this guy is sick in the head to kill some one because of the color of their skin i wish this guy gets put in a cell with a big strong black man

  20. Intelligent Enterprise

    The black dudes in prison are gonna kill this MF

  21. Three words: DEATH PENALTY NOW

  22. Dacomic Ray-Ray

    List of James Jackson thought by killing a homeless black man that he was going to incite Riot within the black community. The problem with this is not even the black community gives a flying f about the homeless let that been somebody black in the community of stature did anybody got the results he was looking for again mr. James Jackson is a coward

  23. A homeless man wow what an asshole and I know not all white people act like this

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