Tiger Woods is back: Iconic golfer secures elusive victory at East Lake Golf Course

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Tiger Woods earns first PGA tour victory in 5 years.

Tiger Woods is dominant again. 

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ATLANTA, Ga — He’s back. Renowned Cablinasian Tiger Woods has put himself back on the map and rabid sports fans (and television networks) couldn’t be happier. If you missed out, Sunday’s thingamajig was an object of beauty. Simply put… as Tiger approached the 18th green at Atlanta’s East Lake Golf Course, my eyes began to water. That’s because the outcome, at that point, was inevitable. Finishing 1-over-par, Tiger secured his first PGA tour victory in 5 years, his 80th overall. “I was pretty emotional when Rory (McIlroy) was tapping out,” Woods said. “I looked around, and the tournament was over because I’d already put the bunker shot on the green and I’d won 80… a big number. I’ve been sitting on 79 for about 5 years now, and to get 80 is a pretty damn good feeling.” 

In case you didn’t know, Tiger hasn’t been the same golfer since suffering marital impediments a few years ago. He apparently had dalliances with several unattractive babes — leading to cessation. Fortunately for Tiger, he’s put that gigolo lifestyle in the rear-view mirror.

The golf world certainly needs him.

The 42-year-old veteran looked like his old self on Sunday.

Welcome back Tiger!


  1. I love golf, but tiger is the one that makes me watch the game like i’m watching a boxing match.

  2. Tiger .
    You are prime example .
    Nothing is impossible in life.
    I forecast major next year for tiger.

  3. The king 👑 is back!

  4. It’s not if you get knocked down, it’s how you get back up again

  5. Stephen A Smith

    Golf is finally back and can be considered a sport now that Tiger Woods is winning 🐐

  6. They need to make a Tiger Woods channel. I can care less about any other golfer

  7. Tiger never shed a tear….but I’m sure millions did for him!….Well Done Sir, great to see you back!. :)

  8. He may not win another major, but he is closer now for winning the Tour Champs… and that cannot be denied. We will have fun watching is for certain.

  9. Thank you for never giving up, I’m proud of you Tiger

  10. Someone should make a movie about Tiger.

  11. Goblen Trenches

    Literally we all know about golf because of Tiger .😂😂

  12. Charisma can’t be bought. Love him or hate him, Tiger Woods is a true star.

  13. Year ago: Tiger will never win another tournament

    Tiger: hold my beer

  14. Sorry young bucks, but it’s your turn to feel the fury of the Tiger!

  15. Tiger is “making golf great again”!

  16. We all know he celebrated his win with drugs and hookers!!!!

  17. Tiger still the GOAT nigga

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