Eddie Murphy & model Paige Butcher are happily engaged, expecting Baby No. 2

Paige Butcher accepts Eddie Murphy’s marriage proposal.

Eddie Murphy is getting married.

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LOS ANGELES — Coming to… another wedding? Veteran thespian Eddie Murphy is gettin’ hitched for the second time. The 57-year-old humorist popped the question to gravid girlfriend Paige Butcher on Friday and she said “yes.” The marriage proposal couldn’t have come at a more opportune time given the fact Paige is pregnant with their second tot. Eddie started dating the 39-year-old model in 2012. They’re already proud parents of 2-year-old daughter Izzy Oona.

Concocting neonates is nothin’ new to the ‘Coming to America’ star.

Eddie has a tribe of 9 children (soon to be 10) by five different chicks, including former Spice Girl Mel B. He was married to Nicole Mitchell from 1993 to 2006. Rumors of matrimonial bliss were emanated on Thursday after paparazzi photographed a coruscate new rock on Paige’s left hand.

Prior to that, no one was au fait of their marital ambitions.

“They live a pretty low-key life,” said a close source.

“They are all about family. Paige is very close to Eddie’s kids.”

Congrats Eddie and Paige!

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  1. Eddie looks good AF…

  2. Freddy Calipari

    He looks good for his age.

  3. Go Eddie! Love you.

  4. Notoriouskage1804

    9 kids nice as long u can take care of them keep pumping them out bro, sperad your seed man let your dynasty & boodline grow

  5. Eddie you went backwards instead of forwards.girlfriend looks like any old basic white girl, shame on you she don’t even Compare to Nicole.

  6. Eddie just paying this White girl to be his girlfriend so he doesn’t have to feel the sting of his career being over with. She looks just like she is planning her escape. Git it, Becky!

  7. Damn he went from Sugar Beautiful Nicole to bascially shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Eddie’s a sell out in more than one way😂

  9. Jeromegrant Johns

    How many Kids this man have?? He is just a Whoremonger, “look the word up”…He left Mel-B with a baby and a bunch others.. Now he messed up and got this white woman and now he can say good by to half his stuff, cause she aint in it for love, unless you talkin bout the love of money, and he’s running out of it real fast..why marry them?… you spend two million on the wedding which is just a one day dress up party for her, and three years later they are in divorce court and she’s taking the house , the boat, and the bank account , ask Mike Tyson what Robin Givens did to him, he ain’t been the same since. a philanderer can not be caged..the flesh calls to the flesh and a lust driven person must answer the call of skin.. Think I don’t know what I’m talking about..in three years remember you heard it here first.. c’mon man.. put a rain coat on it bruh.. or disconnect the pluming..women have brought down many great kings and presidents he will not beat the stats.. I feel sorry for you Eddie Murphy. “What’s Love Got to do with it?”./

  10. Landon's PointOfView

    I ain’t saying she a gold digger but she ain’t messing with no broke n****r

  11. What a dumb so-called brother; reminds me of Tiger woods,

  12. Deborah William

    Wow I must don’t pay no attention to Eddie Murphy I didn’t even know his new woman was white, I guess he decided to go color-blind , it was going to happen sooner or later, for some reason the black man think he’s not a man unless he get a white woman sooner or later.

  13. eddie need to quit bustin nuts in these hoes….. 10 kids??? damn

  14. studio gangsta

    white hoes love nigga money

  15. What a shame,for a man to have had all these kids ,I don’t care who you are or how rich you are !! Even Eddie Murphy!! But thats typical .🙄 that is, with a lot of different women.

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