Cedric settin’ off ‘The Neighborhood’

Black and white families collide on ‘The Neighborhood.’

The Neighborhood racist, but comical. 

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LOS ANGELES — Tadow, West Side! It’s never facile uprooting a family, especially when the migration entails deracinating your white kinship from a Midwestern suburb to the intransigent streets of urban Los Angeles. But that’s the racist challenge that awaits Dave Johnson (Max Greenfield) in the new CBS sitcom “The Neighborhood.” After arriving at their new address, the Johnsons learn their neighbors are the Butlers, a black family led by pessimistic patriarch Calvin Butler (Cedric the Entertainer). Being from a small town, Dave does everything in his power to concoct a ‘bromance’ with Calvin. But his endeavors, while magnanimous, typically backfire — causing a rift between the juxtaposed pair.

Calvin, by the way, harbors ample preconceptions when it comes to Caucasians. In his own prejudiced mind, Calvin’s convinced Dave’s relocation equates to an ominous dark cloud of gentrification. Both Cedric and Jim Reynolds (The Big Bang Theory) serve as executive producers of the show.

Cedric and Max are joined by an entertaining cast that includes Tichina Arnold (Everybody Hates Chris, Martin and Survivor’s Remorse), Sheaun McKinney (Vice Principals), Beth Behrs (2 Broke Girls) and Marcel Spears (The Mayor). The Neighborhood airs Mondays at 7 PM CST on CBS.

8 million viewers watched the premiere.

Will the show last?

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  1. I wish CBS sitcoms were better. All these actors deserve better

  2. This looks awful.
    It’ll get cancelled halfway through the 1st season

  3. I got in a few laughs but this is such a race bait show. Damn can we get out the lenses of black and white what about Asian and latino. Literally never seen a show about Asian man and a Mexican woman being neighbors on TV. And yall, get this, I’m black. People who write TV act like no other combinations exist. What about an elderly white lady takes care of a Somali immigrants son while the family figures out the justice system. Or Latinos working with asians on buisness to promote communities. Or eskimos leaving the north pole because of global warming and having to adjust to life in the city. I mean entertainment dosnt have to be a box with 8 corners.

  4. I give this NEW show 2 BROKE episodes.

  5. Racism is ok in 2018, as long as it’s against white people. Quote from the show from Cedric the entertainer. “This neighborhood is build for us, by us. You let one into this neighborhood, soon you’ll have more.”

  6. Hmm, I don’t know about this one 🤔

  7. I understand the premise, a black neighborhood slowley accepts the new super nice and understanding white neighbors, but I feel if a white man was imitating a “black” man’s voice and this moving in situation was reversed, this would be considered racist… it looks terrible, just…terrible.

  8. I’m not trying to be insensitive and please don’t take this the wrong way but why is it ok for black people to be racist ?! Would this show be aired if it was about a white neighbourhood with a new black family and them regecting it?
    Cuz if it is ok for them to be racist because black people faced racism in the past ,, Well then these aren’t the black people who faced racism and bigotry in the past and those aren’t the white people who practised such racism . It was their grand grand grand parents

  9. To everybody who is already jumping off…..never judge a show by the first episode alone. Shows take several episodes to get things into a groove. Y’all know that. Come on now.

  10. Can we stop with these racist tv shows? Imagine a show about a white family in a white neighborhood and they wanted to keep it that way. Just suggest that show and you would get fired. But flip it and then the racism is somehow ok.

  11. all the white people complaining about the “racism” in this show are so funny, as if y’all aren’t actually gentrifying neighborhoods and calling the cops on black people. lmao.

  12. ced is my nigga but this show look wack

  13. subjectofsaturn

    How is this going to last more then one season? you can only open a door so many times and be like “holy shit are neighbor
    is white!” . Is it really that big of a deal?If it is holy crap you need to get a life.

  14. tried watching but turned it off

    the show is fuckin terrible

  15. Saw it… Didn’t care for it.

  16. Socially acceptable black racism, shocker.

  17. Racist pile of shit, starring mediocre easily forgotten black actors

  18. This seems like it would have been a fun, welcome premise for a show in 1993. Kind of a suburban Jeffersons…something cheesy people would have been getting nostalgic for. But it seems so obviously outdated in these times.

  19. PushandillPushback

    Alrighty most people are saying this show wont last a season but I’m predicting now that it will. It wont matter about ratings or viewership either; that will be weirdly pushed to the side for this one’s agenda. This show is going to try to stand as a statement that it is ok for blacks to be racist, and for whites to accept that. They will try to push this very hard, and as a new flagship they cant let it sink that easily. That is my prediction, but I really hope I’m wrong about this one and that this garbage dies quickly.

  20. You get all these good actors and all you can do is write a show about how much black people hate white people..you know, one of the reasons white people use to justify their racism? My head already hurts form the sheer stupidity of it all.

  21. I’m an African American male and for me I think that in 2018 this is a ridiculous premise for a show. If the roles where reversed and it was black man moving into a white neighborhood, and the white neighbor looked at him like he didn’t belong then this show would be called offensive. And it would be offensive. It shouldn’t be okay one way and not another way.

  22. Again for the people who say its black racism, this show is no different from others where it was the black family moving into an all-white neighborhood and everyone would view those show as funny and reflective of society…. with that siad don’t watch it if it offends your views on race be it the truth or made up ones

  23. Fuckin Cedric the race baiter. Just like that goofy Steve Harvey. Maybe someone should make a show about nice white neighborhoods that don’t want any black people in them because it’ll go to shit. And then they should tell each other to hate the black people and judge them as thieves and drug dealers

  24. The point is for entertainment! white people forced blacks out of neighborhoods for years so where is the reverse? It’s only funny to bring humor to what was once a real part of American history! A sad part but laughter is what brings people close and when you find humor in something that was once ignorant it allows people to see the shame of the old ways and bring people to visualize the stupidity and hopefully learn we can really all live amongst each other! So again the comments on what if it was reversed sorry imitating something that really happened in the same exact way it happened white family not accepting the new blacks in the neighborhood would not be entertaining! #Wake up people

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