Tony Gonzalez ‘predicts’ Patrick Mahomes shatters Peyton Manning’s 55-TD record

Under Andy Reid’s tutelage, Mahomes makes NFL history.

Gonzalez predicts Mahomes record.

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KANSAS CITY — How’s this for an augury? Patrick Mahomes is gonna disintegrate Peyton Manning’s 55-touchdown record, this according to Kansas City Chiefs legend Tony Gonzalez who conveyed that temerarious sentiment to TMZ the other day. When asked if Mahomes has the fortuity to shift Manning’s epic 2013 season into the rear-view mirror, Gonzalez replied: “You know what? If you were to ask me a couple weeks ago, I would have been like, ‘Hell no. Not even close.’ But right now, looking at it? Yeah. He’s on his way.”

The prediction isn’t far-fetched. Mahomes has already concocted NFL history by becoming the only QB to toss 13 touchdowns during the season’s first 3 games. But that’s sort of the quandary. Mahomes has been too perfect. What’s gonna transpire when he experiences his first doleful outing?

“That’s the thing about him so far — he’s never had a bad game yet, even thinking back to last year,” Gonzalez said. “The true Hallmark of a champion is consistency and how you bounce back when you get your ass kicked. It’s coming. He’s going to get his butt kicked eventually.”

“And, I’d like to see how he responds.”

“But right now, I have no reason to doubt him.”

Neither do Chiefs fans.

Alex who?

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  1. I honestly believe chiefs can win it all…they can score on anyone..and D shows up when it counts

  2. TheToxicMixer RBX

    mahomes = goat


    who cares about football anymore? 😦

  4. I think most of us were wrong about Mahomes. Andy Reid is GREAT at picking QB talent / Andy Reid Deserves a SB I hope he gets one. He def has the team this year. BUT being a hardcore philly fan I’m used to Reid always starting out good and getting to the playoffs and Never getting over that hump.

  5. Keep it Peaceful

    All us chiefs fans couldn’t be happier we have a top 3 most exciting offense to watch saints and rams are in there too but man is mahomes fun to watch❤️

  6. that’s my fantasy QB! Mahomies!

  7. Nicholas Adams

    As a Chiefs fan, I’m only surprised by the rate of his growth. I wanted us to trade up to draft him, seeing as he was the best QB in the draft by far. Once we got Watkins, I knew he’d have a great year. Still, his superb decision making and surgical deconstruction of defenses is beyond what even we Mahomers expected.

  8. Big credit to Andy Reid. Without him pat wouldn’t be like this, but pat been had ridiculous potential

  9. I thought Mahomes would be like this year 3 or 4. Not year 2. Andy Reid gave up play calling half way in the season last year, and now Patrick Mahomes is proving dad after day he was worth the picks. The way the Chiefs changed QBs should be standard. Traded up at a pretty good value. Then they trade away Smith to offset some of that. Not to mention how good Dorsey drafted

  10. Mahomes

    Tons of talent for the future

  11. Veer and Shoot

    I honestly saw it coming. Look:

    Pat had Elite physical tools coming out. Arm obviously. Release was elite as well, dont always get both. Had legit scrambling ability, he was a true dual threat at TT but people forgot that. Had an elite 3-cone as well. Size and height and hand size all hit at least the bare minimums you want.

    Pat displayed above average mental understanding of the game. Several plays a game at TT you would see Pat make the correct boring play like a check down with the rush coming free or a throwaway while being drug down. His defense gave up over 43ppg at TT so of course he’s gonna press in that environment and have some bad decisions, but overall his INT% was extremely low for a Air Raid QB who threw deep as often as he did.

    Lastly, and this is most important maybe, he got drafted to the best situation possible for him. He SAT FOR A YEAR. This alone makes life so much easier for a young QB because they get to ease into all the little nuances of being a professional QB. They also get a pressure free environment to work on whatever minor technical issues they may have in their game vs having to try and do that WHILE also running an NFL offense. Throw in having an accomplished QB like Alex Smith to interact with in the QB room, I mean I can name some busts in the past who would have had different careers in this situation. Don’t even need to mention Andy Reid.

  12. Chiefs fan for 20 years, when we traded up for him I was so happy and hopeful because he had potential but I DID NOT expect this kind of intelligence, command, and execution of Reid’s offense.

  13. David Williams

    Can I get the Rams vs Chiefs Superbowl? Am I asking for too much?

  14. Rollin wit Mahomies

    Mahomes is the best qb to ever live. It’s so obvious.
    He’s a football savant.
    Thanks Alex for birthing a Mvp

  15. Chiefs rams super bowl

  16. KC baby!!!

  17. Tony Gonzalez is the GOAT.

  18. César Bechkam

    Patrick Mahomes ll = The next great QB.

  19. Mahomes will finish at the greatest QB ever

  20. Rollin wit Mahomies

    Mahomes is the best qb to ever live. It’s so obvious.
    He’s a football savant.
    Thanks Alex for birthing a Mvp

  21. Showtime Mahomes fo' real

    best young qb in the league bar none

  22. Not happening

  23. Animesh Gandhi

    Mahomes is without a doubt, a sensational QB. But he still has a long way to go. If he still this consistent after 10 years and with some SB rings, I will gladly label him as one of the greatest QBs to ever play the game

  24. Can someone tell me how there is still Mahomes haters.

  25. Patrick Mahomes is a young Favre.

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