Venom finally garners own motion picture without any assistance from Spiderman

Venom bursts on the scene without Spiderman.

Venom debuts without Spidey.

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HOLLYWOOD — Thanks to Sony Pictures, Spiderman’s adversary has finally garnered his own film. But the toxic facsimile will attempt to achieve cinematic nirvana without help from the slinky web-slinger himself. “Venom” is coming to a theater near you. Whether or not a sequel ensues is contingent upon what the f*ck transpires at the box office. Directed by Ruben Fleischer, the action-packed PG-13 movie promises to take viewers inside the flagitious alter-ego of Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) — a disgraced news reporter who uses his newly acquired symbiotic faculty to wreak havoc upon innocent mofos like you and me.

If you’re expecting a cameo from Spidey, forget it. He’s currently occupied with the “Avengers” franchise. Sony officials are literally rollin’ the dice with the parlous expectation of Venom kicking ass on its own merit. If all goes well, however, expect Sony to concoct a franchise featuring a more expansive cast of Spiderman characters. Conversely… if the conception flops, it’s curtains.

The good news?

There’s a sizable market and/or fan base for neurotic, zany comic book movies which explains why “Deadpool” and “Suicide Squad” did so well at the box office. “Venom is just a really, really popular villain in the overall world of comic books,” said Shawn Robbins with

“And there are a lot of diehard fans that really want to see a faithful version of this character in a movie.”

Do you agree with Shawn?

Can Venom survive without Spidey?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. VENOMenal

  2. Wow.#Venom.Anti-Hero

  3. Destroyed Mk-11

    It’s bad without spiderman 💪

  4. Bryant Williams

    looks cool but was expecting venom with spidey powers

  5. This movie is garbage

  6. guts dragonslayer

    Tom Hardy + venom = I’m gonna watch it

  7. This movie will be epic cant wait to watch it

  8. Little Sapphire

    It’s so CREEPY 😨😨

  9. Joshua Pinthiere

    We Are Venom 😈🔥🔥

  10. Christian Ganzon

    if Eddie Brock has a psychotic behavior i think he manage to be a Carnage mode hahaha

  11. I think this is the Venom all us 90’s kids have been waiting for. Can’t wait!

  12. Darkhawk Legend

    Looks better than Captain Marvel at this point 👍

  13. Tom hardy can play any role, he could play a 60 year old woman if he was in the mood

  14. Loknath Sarkar

    Tom Hardy is an awesome actor.

  15. guys . Eminem is doing the soundtrack

  16. Mrityunjay Dixit

    Like the #hype was not high enough now Eminem comes in too baahhaaaaa aahhaa WE ARE VENOM!!!!!!

  17. watched the movie

    it was so good it made my dick hard

  18. Watched the movie today

  19. Fucking good it

  20. The Kingslayer

    Don’t you dare listen to the critics😑
    This movie is a bomb🔥 Saw it yesterday!
    I wanna watch this again.😍✌

  21. better than I thought……. hope they make a venom 2

  22. Neeta Shewaramani

    I went in w absolutely low expectations but it was dope!! Watch it, I LOOOOOVED VENOM and his personality xD

  23. Awesome movie ! Don’t care what anyone says ! 🙌

  24. Natasha Fernandes

    Want to kiss venom

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