Former ‘Death Row’ honcho Suge Knight receives lengthy manslaughter sentence

Suge Knight receives 28 years in prison for manslaughter.

Suge Knight gets eternity in prison.

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LOS ANGELES — They couldn’t pin the deaths of Eazy-E, Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. on him. But they finally got his hinky ass for something else. Murderous music exec Suge Knight will putrefy behind bars for the next 2 to 3 decades. That’s because on Thursday, inside a stuffy Los Angeles courtroom, a judge sentenced the former Death Row honcho to 28 years for manslaughter in the brutal quietus of 55-year-old Terry Carter. Suge, however, shouldn’t complain too much because he dodged a bullet.

Had the corpulent producer been convicted of murder, he would’ve received 25 years to life. If you recall, in 2015, Suge ran Terry over with his pickup truck following a heated quarrel at Tam’s Burgers. The entire ordeal was captured on surveillance video.

After his arrest, Suge originally claimed he acted in self-defense. But the incident looks bad. The footage shows Suge’s 20-inch rims pulverizing Terry’s intestines. After the judge articulated the lengthy penalty, Suge gave a menacing stare at Terry’s family.

Suge’s auto rampage transpired on the set of a television commercial for the film “Straight Outta Compton.” Suge also hit Cle “Bone” Sloan with his truck, resulting in a severely maimed left foot and multiple head injuries. Prior to sentencing, Suge entertained plans of concocting a comeback.

But that obviously won’t happen.

At age 53, Suge figures to die in the joint.

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  1. If the judge gives a speech before your sentencing you’re done!


  3. Poor old Suge twitching like he just got out of Debo’s pigeon coop

  4. He was at the top of hip hop at one point, but he had to act like a goon instead of a legit business man…Dave Chappelle said it best “When keeping it real goes wrong”

  5. Learn from this man kids. Karma is real, and everything this man has done has caught up to him. If you walk around with an attitude the way this man did, nothing good comes from it. I’m 32 and still trying do get rid of the Loco mentality I grew up with/around. People like us don’t have a submissive nerve in our body, NO SURRENDER

  6. Perfect example of gaining the world and losing your soul!

  7. Jasmine Quiñones

    I love 2pac RIP 💝

  8. Kenny Marshall

    Suge knight had it all. How the hell you get to this point always keep god first

  9. To all you wanna be gangstas I just want to know is it really worth it🤔

  10. Marcus Tuuhetoka

    Well Suge you had a good run my dude. Much props for keeping that gangster rap and West coast vibe alive. 😎

  11. I hate you mother-fucker!

    Suge Knight = how NOT to live a life. Idiot.

  12. I'm Jesse Evans

    2Pac Is A Legend🗣💕❤️

  13. Bland Collard Greens

    You guys remember when he pretended to be blind??? 😆😆😂😂😂😭😭

  14. BasicTruth1109

    I’m definitely not a Suge Knight fan, but this shit was bull. They attacked this man and one even bragged about punching him in the face. Just this been a white man they would have said that it was self defense or even if he had gotten the involuntary manslaughter charge he would not have gotten that much time. People are still upset about Pac’s and Easy E’s deaths and want him punished. Although he may have been guilty in past issues this brother was attacked and did what anyone else would have done. The guy who survived the attack should have been charged for his own friend’s death, because both attacked Suge Knight

  15. suge is a murdering asshole who deserves to get pummeled in prison

  16. payback is a bitch

  17. Gary Kindred Jr

    he may just die in prison because of his health but he’s really only about to serve like 10 more years people forget he’s already been in jail for like five he’s not doing all of that 28


  19. I’m 39 and it’s crazy to watch the rise and fall of this man. I remember when Deathrow took off….they RAN and held the industry hostage for a good 3-5 years!!! They were bringing in $200 million in profit every year for at least 3 of those. Suge was “the boss of all bosses” in the rap game.

    And not some 20-25 years later, here he sits with nothing, on his way to finishing his life in prison.

    It’s been crazy to watch this man self-destruct over the years and go out this way. But as they say, it all catches up with you in the end. And we’re witnessing it live at it happens.

  20. Albert Barreras

    And Thats how DEATH ROW RECORDS ENDS!! 1992-1996 RIP. 2018-?? (SUGES DEATH)

  21. i hope suge gets cancer on his cock before 28 years or give him easy-e aids during blood transfusion

  22. Looked like he was bought ready to cry. Stupid man! He had everything and totally blew it trying to be gangster.

  23. Rich Blackwood

    If someone come at me with a gun what would I do run them over

  24. Suge has and will always be a cold blooded piece of crap

  25. You’re just a former executive producer who’s going to jail, so now you don’t have to worry about being all in the videos, all in the records, or even out killing people!!!

    Welcome to Death Row!!!

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