Two Tennessee hoodlums video-taped themselves raping 9-month-old girl

Isiah Hayes and Daireus Ice raped 9-month-old girl.

Tennessee thugs raped little girl.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

MEMPHIS — The entire state of Tennessee is in an uproar after learning Isiah Dequan Hayes, 19, and Daireus Jumare Ice, 22, recorded themselves raping a 9-month-old girl. You can’t make this stuff up. The felonious ignominy took place 2 years ago in Shelby County. Isiah allegedly had sex with the child while Daireus filmed it. Both losers were indicted on Tuesday. Man, it’s good they got caught. Had it not been for mom discovering raw footage of the rape, they would’ve probably got away with it.

Fortunately, mom was able to identify the assailants in the cell phone video. Now Isiah and Daireus face multiple charges that include ‘aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor’ and ‘aggravated rape of a child.’ They’re gonna have a hard time in the penitentiary. Inmates loathe child molesters.

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  1. I need answers. How tf did the mom know these men or how were they able to even get close enough to that baby. How tf did the mother not know that her baby was raped.?? Broken hymen, I know there was blood, she must have been crying like a mf smh The mother has some explaining to do

  2. are they registered democrats? if so, they can beat the rap, no problem

  3. Chop off that baby rapist’s balls and throw him in the ocean for the sharks

  4. Lorene De Amor

    Men must get a grip on their sexual BS !!! What the hell? It’s men who need whipped into morality! They are all about their own self! Ohh yea the desire for ones self alone =SATAN

  5. Amelia Pimentel

    Needs to be castrated. Just beyond words.

  6. now they will know what it feels like to get pumped in the ass

  7. Absolute disgrace! What’s wrong with the world? Disheartening to see such inhuman acts committed repeatedly time and again, in our own society.

  8. darmadi chandra

    Yeah thats what they can do best, rapist race

  9. black lives matter

  10. never leave your babies around niggas

  11. severe punishment should be given

  12. shoot them both and get it over with

  13. This is sadistic! Anyone who can get turned on by a child is repulsive and definitely is not a man! Karma will get her vengeance and so will the Lord! Child rapists and molesters in jail will never have a day of peace.

    My question for the mother – how did these animals get this alone time with your child to violate her? Who are they to you? Why would you leave your child with these animals?

  14. 😡😡😡😖 electric chair

  15. Q: Why was this baby with this young male anyway? Furthermore, how do you not know as a mother, that your 9 month old daughter was molested? If he penetrated her there are damages to her body! Smh 🤦🏾‍♀️

  16. Lethal Injection

    two wackos lookin like dumb n dumber — give em the chair

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