Selena Gomez suffers huge breakdown, hospitalized at mental health facility

Justin upset over Selena’s hospitalization.

Selena Gomez has mental breakdown. 

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LOS ANGELES — Thoughts and prayers are with pop songstress Selena Gomez who’s currently receiving medical treatment at a mental health facility somewhere along the east coast. Nobody, including paparazzi, knows her whereabouts. Word on the street claims the Disney starlet has been hospitalized on and off the past couple weeks after experiencing an emotional breakdown at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Justin Bieber was spotted crying inside a car upon learning the sad news.

A close source said Selena also suffers from low white blood cell counts in the aftermath of her kidney transplant — a surgery Biebs said he knew nothing about. So, what happened during her breakdown? A couple weeks ago, while receiving infirmary attention, Selena tried to vacate the hospital prematurely.

But the doctors wouldn’t let her.

She then threw a monstrous tantrum before ripping IV’s out of her arm.

Selena is only 26.

Hope she gets better.

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  1. Aubryanna Pichon

    I hate when people say the source is someone close to her. My family would never tell my details like that, whoever is telling must not really be close to her.

  2. Selena you are the best. You are amazing😍😍😍Get well

  3. This is so sad. Just saw a video about Justin crying in car with Hailey. A person was recording him CRYING. Media and people need to understand that they are both being so affected because of you speculating their lives constantly and not leaving them alone. Please let them heal and grow; they are human too.

  4. We love you Selena ❤️

  5. I think every celeb should have some free time for themselves without a whole flock of paparazzi follow them. They are after all human, they have enough stress

  6. Jessica Carter

    So sad to hear this she has gone through so much from the kidney transplant, to finding out she has lupus, to the stuff with Justin Bieber, to demi almost overdosing. She just needs to focus on herself right now and work on getting better. We will still be her supporting her when she is done. Love you Selena.

  7. Channah Sorensen

    Poor girl. Get better soon 💕

  8. I hope Selena does get better. and I hope every hate that goes out to her stops. Shes going through enough. I had listened to her music ever since I was a little girl.


  10. She deserves nothing but the whole world. She’s the sweetest person alive😭♥️♥️♥️

  11. ughhh I’m so sad this is so unfair on her


  13. I love my 1 AND ONLY SINGER because she make everybody happy and she help other people and she dont even care foe hwrself because she care about us and thats what i like about her! ILOVE YOU SELENA… STAY STRONG….AND COMEBACK TO US AGAIN😘😘😘 LOVE YOU SO MUCHHH

  14. Wtf did the Illuminati do to her now????????

  15. Andrea Snowrose

    She is my role model ❤️ she is such a beautiful spirit and amazing caring person who uses her platform for good! I love everything about you Selena xx

  16. She’s young and money is always nice but not everything even rich ppl experience sadness and depression get better Selena 💖💕💗

  17. She’s hurt & heartbroken😔

  18. Can you just stop dragging Justin into everything that’s happening in Selena’s life? Give them a break mahn!

  19. I am feeling sorry for selena 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  20. Pray for Selena Guys❤🙏

  21. I hope Justin and Selena Don’t get back together :/ their relationship is toxic It’s NOT HEALTHY FOR HER :((

  22. Again where the hell is this source… I think it is a excuse for making money according to my “source”😑


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