Big lawsuit claims KCK detective Golubski framed Lamonte McIntyre for murder

Lawsuit claims Lamonte McIntyre was set up by detective/Washington Post.

KCK Detective facing lawsuit.

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KANSAS CITY, Kan — Former Kansas City, Kansas police detective Roger Golubski faces litigation for allegedly extorting sex from low income black women. In a lawsuit, filed by Lamonte McIntyre and his mother Rose McIntyre, Golubski is accused of soliciting sexual favors from Rose. When she refused, the lawsuit says Golubski exacted reprisal by framing Lamonte for murder. Lamonte, if you recall, was recently released from prison after serving 23 years for a double homicide he didn’t commit.

The lawsuit alleges a drug dealer named “Monster” killed Donald Ewing and Doniel Quinn in 1994.

Rather than go after Monster, Golubski allegedly set up Lamonte by coercing two witnesses to issue fallacious statements. Lamonte was consequently locked-up despite the fact law enforcement officials refused to gather fundamental evidence specific to fingerprints and DNA.

The lawsuit also claims current Police Chief Terry Ziegler and members of his administrative team were aware of Golubski’s improprieties, yet failed to report them.

Here’s where things get duplicitous:

Rose and Golubski have a history.

Prior to the aforementioned double murder, Rose said Golubski tried to make her render an amorous act by threatening to lock up her then-boyfriend if she didn’t please him sexually. When Rose declined, Golubski allegedly assaulted her at the police station.

Not done yet.

There’s more.

Prior to retiring in 2016, Golubski allegedly fixed tickets and expunged warrants for impoverished black women who gave him sex. To add insult to orgasms, Golubski’s misogynistic treatment of Ebony babes was hardly a secret. Fellow officers reportedly joked about his deportment in the squad room.

If the court determines Lamonte’s lawsuit bears any veracity, Golubski’s fate would no doubt serve as a black eye to KCK’s justice system. The allegations are very disturbing.

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  1. Hard being a black man in KKKansas

  2. I hope they sue them fuckin pigs for every penny they got

  3. He or someone should start a gofundme for this guy

  4. I live here in this racist state. Being black here is ao hard! This system of oppression is alive and well in Kansas. Lots of strong black brothers here… we just need to pull together more and get our attack plans in order to destroy this enemy. With THE MOST HIGHS help we can do ALL things.

  5. How about a new rule that every prosecutor and judge that knowingly convict someone based on false or inconclusive evidence has to take over the punishment once the person is freed? If you like harsh punishments and ”an eye for an eye” that is only fair.

  6. donna mcginnis

    I;m from KCK and we ALWAYS knew he was a no good dirty cop along with others who had a thing.
    for black women…. willing are not….


    Black men have been broke in this country to the point we are just waiting to be slaughter.

  8. born and raised in the dotte

    everybody knows golubski been crooked for decades

    karma is a bitch

  9. There is a huge wrong that needs to be made right here. This detective needs to spend the next 23 years of his life behind bars. The young man who’s lost 23 years of his life needs reparations immediately. They need to pay him at least 1 million dollars for every year he’s spent behind bars.

  10. some white people are wicked devils with corrupt souls

  11. Golubski dont drop the soap

  12. Fuck that 23 years they need to buy that man a house and car paid in full taxes free. Soo fucked up!!!! Pay him what u owe him

  13. Don’t get angry black folks. This shit is the norm. Just support these brothers by keeping money on their books, letters and pursuing competent legal teams to get them out of the big business rackets aka, prison industrial complexes.

  14. For every year of wrongful imprisonment that the detective involved has caused, the detective should spend that many years in prison.

  15. For police & prosecutors, it’s not about the truth but about scoring career points & just locking up black people.

  16. I moved away from KCK a decade ago and aint looked back. City is racist and oppressive. Black people are stupid for living there.

  17. Stole some sweet black pussy and got caught

  18. Im just glad he retired. Now let’s throw his ass in jail where he belongs.

  19. Wow! I hope this is not true.

  20. NWA said it best “Fuck the Police!!!!”

  21. Jennifer Oliver

    Wow is all I can say smh

  22. Opinion Police

    wyandotte politics strike again!!!!!

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