Killer granny fatally stabs 20-month-old granddaughter then bakes her in oven

Carolyn Jones murders 20-month-old granddaughter.

Granny murders, bakes grandbaby.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

SHAW, Miss. — The most dastardly development of the year comes from Shaw, Mississippi where 48-year-old Carolyn Jones fatally stabbed her 20-month-old granddaughter — Royalty Marie Ford — then placed her inside a heated oven to bake. The heinous ordeal transpired Monday night. The state pathologist is currently in the process of conducting an autopsy to see if little Royalty was dead prior to oven entry. According to the Bolivar County Sheriff’s Office, deputies were summoned to Carolyn’s residence around 7 p.m. after receiving an emergency call from a distraught family member.

When law enforcement officials arrived, they found Royalty’s cadaver roasting inside the kiln. Carolyn was consequently arrested and charged with first-degree murder. “I’ve been in law enforcement a long time, 26 years almost,” said Bolivar County Sheriff Kevin Williams.

“This is one of the most horrible things I’ve seen.”

When asked to reveal the motive, Williams said: “We’re trying to figure that out ourselves. We have no idea at this point.” Royalty lived with Carolyn. But there’s still no word on the whereabouts of her parents.

Crazy, crazy story.

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  1. I don’t even know if I can find words. We have three children, 20, 15, and four years ago decided to foster and adopt a baby. Many babies and toddlers need foster homes so please, please just do it! I was terrified of our baby going back to her “parents” but to not step up in times like these is cowardice. Please, please step up and help the many children who need foster parents! You could save a child from a fate like this! That being said, Grandma needs to suffer the same fate this baby did.

  2. Dementia? Schizophrenia? Such a horrible death. If it is a case of mental illness, please let this be a wakeup call for our Congressman to place a greater emphasis on mental healthcare. As someone who’s struggled with depression for decades, I can attest just how difficult it is to access certain mental health programs. Don’t even get me started on the costs (with insurance).

  3. Where is the mother and the father?

  4. Heartbreaking! How can this continually happen to innocent little babies? At the hands of her own grandmother??? There are no words to say how I feel every time I read about the death of an innocent child.

  5. Oh MY GOD, I don’t want to believe this can happen
    That poor baby, RIP Sweet angel
    I don’t know these people but I can’t stop crying

  6. It makes you think that people should have to pass competency tests before being allowed to have kids. Kids are mistreated way too often. They don’t ask to be born.

  7. Royalty???? Seriously? What kind of felon factory names these kids? Where was the baby momma and daddy?

  8. I can not fathom the horror this child went through before her death. Rest in peace baby girl. There is no punishment too severe for this Grandmother.
    Mom and Dad also failed this child by leaving her there.

  9. My granddaughter is 20 months old as well. We have her every Tuesday while her mom is at work. It is the highlight of our week. This lady makes me sick.

  10. This baby never even had a chance in life being born to a family like that. They named her “Royalty” and treated her like street litter. Classy. They’ll probably just breed another kid as quickly as possible since grandma roasted this baby in the oven. I’m sure it’ll have another classy name like “Chosen” or “King” or “Queenie” or “Savior” and be dead by its 1st birthday.

  11. Wow that’s messed up 😱

  12. Bruce Willis Jr


  13. This kind of stuff makes me just double up the love on my little one. Can’t trust ur kids with ANYONE!
    Rip Princess👸🏽

  14. Did they think a conventional oven would be hot enough to cremate a body? Monsters. Absolute monsters.

  15. OhhYouu MICHELLE!!!

    The devil is walking the earth people..Get protected by GOD!

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