White lady loses her job after viral video revealed her blocking black man’s entry

Hillary Thornton loses her job after obstructing D’Arreion Toles entry.

White lady blocked black man’s entry. 

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ST. LOUIS — This week’s “I Messed Up A Good Job Award” belongs to Hillary Thornton (aka Apartment Patty) who’s catching hell on social media after she inexplicably blocked D’Arreion Toles — a black man — from entering his own apartment in St. Louis. Hillary, by the way, is a white woman with lengthy blonde hair and brown eyes. She’s as American as it gets. Conversely, D’Arreion’s name describes him perfectly. Nevertheless… after obstructing D’Arreion’s entry into the complex, Hillary followed him into the elevator, chased him to his apartment, then called the police after watching him use his own key to effectuate an entry.

D’Arreion recorded the comical series of events and posted the cell phone footage on Facebook. The video has since gone viral, costing Hillary her good-paying job at Tribeca Real Estste. On top of that, she’s being labeled a racist. Hillary sat down with a reporter from KTVI to elucidate her actions.

“So, when I noticed an individual that I did not know, my only intent was to follow the direction that I had been given by our condo association board,” she said. “And that is to never allow access to any individual that you do not know.” Hillary said she asked D’arreion to identify himself but he said something to the effect of “f*ck off!”

The good news?

Hillary is not a racist because she’s legally married to a black man.

That’s right. She drinks coffee, not milk.

She prefers Gates BBQ, not KC Joe’s.

She craves Mandingo lovin, not Christopher Columbus.

She wants… ah, you get the point.

See… by keeping an eye on D’Arreion, Hillary was merely trying to keep her community safe.

Now that we know the truth, does Hilary deserve to get her job back?

Or, do you still think she’s a bigot?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Samuel Medina-Conchi

    She is married to a black guy….well the racist card is out!

  2. This lady is a monster and i’m delighted to hear that she lost her job as a result of her racism. Hopefully the building manager evict her as well. Im so tired of people thinking they are better then anyone and this woman is a prime example

  3. Think Capture Record

    If the police had come, he would have been shot dead.

  4. I think she just wanted the “D”!

  5. TheLordAtreyus

    Good job white people. This is why you wanted Trump. You’re free to harass anyone that doesn’t happen to be white. When he wins reelection you can finally enslave again. Merry Christmas.

  6. I think that she liked the guy but ridnt know how to approach him

  7. TutpicMegalops

    Ooooh she wanted that black Mandingo cause she aint screaming etc etc she wanted him

  8. Jimbobonesjones

    This girl has a weird way of trying to get some D

  9. Well that’s one way of trying to get dick. Some people would rather flirt instead

  10. As usual, more information has come out after the Viral “gotcha” video. This dude has other videos trying to bait the cops into “harassing” him on video. Also the Condo Board of this building had previously sent out an email instructing all residents to not allow anyone to enter or exit while they had the door open. I hope she sues the board, and him for massive damages, since she was doing what the management instructed and he wasn’t. Play stupid games…

  11. Onedread806 Brown

    Amy Schumer lost it!!

  12. I wouldve let her in my pad then fuck the shit outta her

  13. I bet she got some good azz pussy

  14. duustin crawford

    He should be awarded a medal for restraint. I woulda chocked the shit outa her!

  15. The situation at the door was pretty ridiculous. If the woman was so unsure about the man living there, why didnt she just close the door and go inside? She then would have seen the man using his key, being sure he really lives there. If you really feel unsafe about someone outside of the building, just get inside 😅

  16. Will Tellsplatte

    This is interesting. If this Black man was one of the bad apples, she would’ve been in some serious danger. She obviously has no idea. She even went in the elevator with him. She’s obviously ignorant either way.

  17. Imagine a black man harassing a white women at the lobby entrance and followed her all the way home. Police would have came in like swat locking every black man up within 2 miles of the apartment building. She was wrong. And im glad she was fired.

  18. 1st class liar. Good luck finding a job Doorman Dotty.

  19. she looks like a cross between rosie O’donnell & Amy Schumer

  20. I would have punched and robbed her.

  21. Married to an African American man? Why is this mentioned? It doesn’t mean you don’t have tendencies toward racial profiling. You may love YOUR black man – it doesn’t mean you love them all!!!

    The condo board members should hire SECURITY if that’s the case. This lady is not security.

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