Day Care fight club in St Louis still under microscope as parents seek litigation

Parents seek justice over daycare fight club.

Day Care fight club under microscope. 

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ST. LOUIS — Incensed parents in St. Louis are clamoring for prosecutors to enact justice against the Adventure Learning Center where teachers Tena Dailey, 22, and Mickala Guliford, 28, coerced several preschool students to box as everyone stood around and watched in merriment. The bout of fisticuffs took place in 2016. Many of the fighters were 4-years-old or younger. One kid got pummeled in the face as he laid helplessly on the ground.

Fortunately, a 10-year-old in the next room was alert enough to record the battle royale with his iPad and convey the video to his mom. Raw footage shows one teacher jumping up and down to instigate while the other educator foolishly placed hulk fists on awaiting toddlers.

In case you wanna know, Tena and Mickala are black. Hell, one of them can be seen bragging about the ordeal on social media. The director did, however, fire them both. But, to the chagrin of pissed off parents, the day care remains open despite committing 26 infractions since.

Prosecutors, for whatever reason, jettisoned the case.

“I want them to be held accountable,” said parent Nicole Merseal.

“I don’t want this to happen to any other child.”

The good news? More than 4,000 people signed an online Care2 petition , forcing the St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office to revisit the case. The Missouri Department of Social Services has also gotten involved. Nicole said investigators have already reached out to her.

“They’re wanting to speak to me and interview my children and take a second look at the case,” she said.


Hopefully, Tena and Mickala will receive the maximum penalty.

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  1. Omg this is awful. The mom has to sue!

  2. 😂😂😂😂💀

  3. That’s funny amagine getting punched in the face by basically a pillow

  4. The first rule of toddler fight club
    You dont talk about toddler fight club🤜👶

  5. Absolutely disgusting

  6. What did i just watch

  7. Looks like the hood rat “teachers” brought their ghetto ass culture into class.

  8. None of your business

    In all honesty if that was my kid I would into the daycare and shoot every afukt wither dead. I’d plead temporary insanity due the disgusting events that took place and then I’d walk after a jury saw what went on…

  9. I wanna rip those daycare teachers head off including that kid with the blue t shirt

  10. Clearly the Adventure Learning Center is run by black people who enjoy dog fighting and other acts of violence. Missouri is not new to violence, i.e. Ferguson.

  11. wastelandwelding

    This breaks my 💓

  12. Pepper Rodriguez

    this is why you don’t hire ghetto black women

  13. Raythell Jordan

    Black women are DESPICABLE! The so-called teachers should be lined up and SHOT! Pure evil

  14. Shit ain’t right. They prolly was placing Bets on the youngsters too.

  15. agirlwholovesjesus

    This is appalling! Whatever happened to “Duck Duck, Goose” and “What Time Is It Mr. Fox” to keep kids entertained/occupied? What’s to prevent these “teachers” from getting jobs at other daycare centers?

  16. Man these females in America are freaking demons.. I’m serious BTW.

  17. You have to vet your daycares, folks. Continually check in on them, pop up unannounced, ask a lot of questions, check the workers SM- if they are ignant and not to be trusted, they’ll proudly show it online.

  18. and this is why “Tommy Sotomayor” keeps saying “black women are the worst Stewards of children on planet Earth”

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